Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NPR Prez Debate In Iowa

Seven candidates are seated and ready here at the Iowa Historical Building in Des Moines for National Public Radio's debate. This isn't exactly a tv-friendly event. No video. Just audio.

Just three topics chosen by NPR: Iran, China and immigration. Definitely, at least early on, doesn't feel like there will be any "Iowa feel" to this event, even though we are here in Iowa. We'll see. Let's hope we get some news out of this...

The candidates are seated in a "v"-shaped table...Clinton, Gravel, Obama, Dodd, Bien, Edwards and Kucinich.

Will this one get feisty?

Apparently. The second time Clinton answered a question , she began criticizing Edwards and Obama by name for their stance on what to do with Iran.

Edwards said he won't buy toys from China for his kids this Christmas. Dodd said he won't either. He'll buy his toys in Iowa.

Kucinich said "buy America" or "it's bye-bye America."

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