Monday, December 03, 2007

Looking Out for Number One

Mike Huckabee spent his first day in Iowa as the front runner, at least according to most recent polls. We caught up with him at a hotel in Des Moines, where he had just finished meeting with a group of retired military leaders.

I don't know what those military leaders thought of the U.S. troop surge in Iraq. But I do know we've all noticed Huckabee's surge. I've never seen so much local and national press at one of his events. Huckabee noticed it, as well. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice the podium staffers had set up for him. He walked just outside the red rope that sectioned off the media from the hallway where he was. He stopped just alongside us and then just about started his remarks. That's when someone pointed out he needed to walk in front of us...and to the podium. Perhaps, he's not used to this big-crowd-attracting-because-I'm-now-the-front- runner just yet.

He did offer us up a nice zinger (is that how you spell that word?) I believe Mitt Romney (the man Huckabee has now passed in the polls in Iowa) has spent something like $7 million so far in Iowa. Huckabee's tab is somewhere around $400,000. So check out Huckabee's quote below and see about which candidate he is hinting.

"We've got an army of ordinary people who aren't out there because someone is paying them to love me. We have people out there working hard because they believe in what I stand for and they'd like to have a President who didn't buy his way into the White House." --Mike Huckabee

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