Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caucus Night in New Hampshire?

We already know Rudy Giuliani likely won't be in Iowa caucus night. In fact, according to his schedule he's already done with the Hawkeye State. Anything to do with his ever-declining poll numbers here?

But what about Hillary Clinton? Her Midwest Co-Chair, Jerry Crawford, told me she would not be here caucus night. He said she needs to get to New Hampshire. But a campaign spokesman, Mark Daley, told me he thought she would be here that night. What's the story? Sunday morning, I had the rare chance to sit down with her to ask for myself (btw, this is only the second time this entire campaign I've done that with her--I've talked with Edwards and Obama dozens of times over that duration). Here's our exchange:

Dave, "On caucus night, I've heard from some in your campaign who say you will have to go to New Hampshire early. Some say you will be here. Will you be here on caucus night?"

Clinton, "Well, my plan, right now, is to be in Iowa on caucus night. It's certainly what I'm planning to do. I want to thank, you know, the Iowans who have supported me, so many have volunteered for me, everyone who caucused for me, everyone who went to the trouble to drive somebody else there...I just want to thank Iowans for everything they did for me this past year."

So that's a "yes"?

Updated: 7:26pm Campaign spokesman Mark Daley emailed: "She WILL be there."


Solange said...

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tommy said...
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tommy said...
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Anonymous said...

What is going on here? Why two different stories?

Anonymous said...

There's no way she will skip town early. Surely, we mean more to her than that???

Anonymous said...

It doesn't suprise me at all. But I bet she stays in IOwa for sure. It will look too bad if she leaves early now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe third place has her scared?