Saturday, December 01, 2007

Brown & Black Forum

We're nestled in here at the Iowa Brown & Black Forum at North High School. There were supposed to be 8 candidates here. We're missing two of them. Gravel, we're told, won't be here. Has he actually been to Iowa before? Biden isn't here yet either. Not sure why.

Hillary Clinton just thanked all the other candidates for calling her during the hostage/standoff situation at her campaign office in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Chris Dodd just asked John Edwards why he voted for the bankruptcy reform bill. Biden, Clinton and Edwards, Dodd said, voted for it. Edwards said he was wrong. And Dodd was right to oppose it. I don't know what bill this is.

Numerous microphone problems. Numerous. HDNET is not off to a good start. Obama just handed Kucinich a microphone. Kucinich thanked him for passing the baton in this race (laugh, laugh).

They're taking a commercial break. Hopefully, they'll figure out the microphones.

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