Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Endorsement

In a few hours we should know who the Des Moines Register endorses for President. Remember when the campaigns had to wait out in the cold by the Register's publishing site near the Des Moines International Airport to see the first copies of the paper? No such drama this time. The choices will likely be on the paper's website before you've washed the dinner dishes.

Do editors go with Hillary Clinton, the only previous White House dweller and the "establishment" candidate as a former First Lady (twice)?

Barack Obama-- mojo in the polls and potential broader, cross-party appeal

John Edwards--the nicer guy from 2004 may be back as he criss-crosses Iowa's familiar ground. Dare they pick him two elections in a row?

Joe Biden--moving up with momentum and gets kudos for his Iraq plan

Bill Richardson--slumped in the polls, but multi-layered credentials as Gov and U.S. Cabinet Secretary

What about the Republicans?

Mike Huckabee--smooth with the media, definitely enjoying a surge President Bush could only dream of

Mitt Romney--business background, linking himself with Ronald Reagan more than Reagans' own kids

John McCain--the p.o.w. has been largely m.i.a. in Iowa. Independents once flocked to him.

Fred Thompson--got good reviews in last Register debate. Arthur Branch learning the role?

Rudy Giuliani--stranger in the state, for the most part. connected to 9/11 at the hip (and lip)

Will the choice even matter?

John Edwards got the endorsement in 2004. Bill Bradley got it four years before.

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