Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dodd Delivers

I was out covering Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama's appearances in the metro, when I got a phone call. Our 10pm producer told me I had a delivery waiting for me downstairs at the front desk at our station. They were from Chris Dodd, he told me. "What?", I said, the obvious response.

Apparently, Dodd's campaign sent me over two cheese pizzas as a friendly gesture for the final month of the caucus season. I could almost smell them. Too bad I never got to taste them. By the time I got back to the station, they were gone. Every last piece of cheese. Thanks for the thought.

Here's the letter that came with the box:

- Dave Price

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Essential Estrogen said...

That's a nice gesture from someone I've found to be an extremely nice man.

There are two people, I think, who are really and completely enjoying their time in Iowa: Sen. Joe Biden and Sen. Chris Dodd. Some are going to argue that they make themselves so available to the press because they aren't polling as high as some others in the race, but I personally think it is because they genuinely enjoy people and the campaign trail activity.

In closing, I must admit that I'm secretly enjoying the fact that you didn't get to eat your pizza. Mine must have went to the wrong address. :)