Sunday, December 16, 2007

Culver for Edwards

All the whispers today are about endorsements. The Des Moines Register went with Clinton and McCain. It's looking like Iowa First Lady Mari Culver is going to endorse Edwards Monday. The Edwards' connections run deep in Governor Culver's office.

Patrick Dillon is Culver's Chief of Staff. He used to work in Edwards' Prez campaign in 2004. Dillon's wife is Jen O'Malley Dillon. She is Edwards' State Director this time around. Culver's Communications Director is Brad Anderson. He, too, worked for Edwards during the last campaign.

For the record, no confirmation from the Gov's office or the Edwards' campaign. I did get some time on the bus with Edwards today after an event in Ames. I asked him what the endorsement would mean to him. His answer, "I'm going to respectfully decline to offer hypothetical opinion."


John said...

Not to mention attorney Jim Larew, counselor to the governor, who was Edwards' main man in Iowa CIty in `04.

Dave Price said...

Nice. You know your stuff. The blood runs deep there.