Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Final Debate, Part 2

Question 2--How should Americans sacrifice to lower federal debt?

Giuliani--fed government should sacrifice. cut spending. reduce income tax burden. take more ownership of health care.
Paul--unnecessary for people to sacrifice. cut by looking at foreign policy.
Huckabee--move to prevention-based health care system to save money.
Romney--shouldn't have to run programs at a deficit. 342 economic development programs in federal government. probably don't need 100.
Tancredo--follow the constitution of this country. we do too many things that exceed constitutional bounds. protect and defend the country. concentrate on that. rest of the stuff become extraneous.
Thompson--would be willing to run a deficit for military, infrastructure and research and development.

Who in this country is paying too much?

McCain--reform tax code. can't raise taxes as democrats. american people need tax code they know is fair.
Huckabee-fair tax. rich won't be made poor. but poor may be make rich.
Romney--doesn't think about how much taxes rich pay. thinks about middle class.
Paul--middle class is being wiped out.
Huncan--$250 billion plus we pay to prepare and defend taxes. Internal Revenue Service.
Giuliani--be able to pay a flatter tax on single piece of paper. give death penalty to death tax.

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