Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Des Moines Register's endorsements are out...Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

The words must have leaped from the page to Clinton supporters. She's been on a steady decline for more than a month in the polls. Perhaps, the endorsement will kick some life back in the campaign. The endorsement comes as Clinton is bringing in everyone but her brother (but including her mother, daughter, husband, Bob Vila, Magic Johnson, etc.) to barnstorm the state. They'll now all have plenty to brag about. Maybe they can drop the Sunday paper out of the "Hillacopter".

What are people thinking of the McCain endorsement? He doesn't seem to be running much of a campaign at all in Iowa, yet the Register picked him as the best choice. He doesn't even look to have a great chance in New Hampshire, where he seems to have staked his entire political future. It would seem I have a better shot of fulfilling my childhood dream of playing shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals than McCain has of winning the Iowa Caucuses. But the Register went with him anyway. Maybe I should loosen up my arm. Anyone seen my HGH?

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