Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dems Debate

Question: How can you have open government?

Clinton--have to have strong communication strategy. let's have as much sunlight as we can possibly gather on the government. (a note: Clinton, by far, offers the media the least amount of access to her during this Presidential campaign)

Question--what is your new year's resolution?


Edwards--remember a child every night is going to bed hungry

Dodd--spend more time with family. encourage iowans to caucus.

Richardson--lose weight again.

Biden--remember where i came from.

Obama--be a better husband and father

Roll the credits. This is over.


Joan said...

Just watched the debate. Did Biden almost cry when answering the new year's resolution question? He talked about remembering the bad times. I know he has had some family tragedies. It looked like he was truly choked up.

Anonymous said...

It did look like he got choked up. He was also battling a bold, which was affecting his voice. But I thought it was more what he was talking about that made him sound like he might lose it.