Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Great 8 Debate

So did you watch? Eight dems tonight kicked off the debate season on MSNBC live from South Carolina. As I'm watching in our newsroom, my co-workers keep stopping by to see how it's going. Mike Gravel seems to have received the most "oohs" and "aahhs". You can probably predict their question, though..."who IS that guy?"

What's coming out of this?

Bill Richardson said he'd end the war on his first day in office.

Dennis Kucinich several times called out his fellow Congress members. Apologizing for their war vote isn't enough and this latest bill the dems approved to bring troops out of Iraq (which the Prez seems sure to veto) also isn't enough. They need to just cut off the money, he believes.

Barack Obama wants the confederate flag locked in a museum.

Hillary Clinton says she's made too many mistakes to count (she mentioned her first attempt at universal health care when her husband was Prez) and....Wal-Mart's a mixed blessing for the American people.

John Edwards initially said he couldn't identify his moral leader, then he cited his Lord, his wife and his father.

Joe Biden defended Hillary Clinton to her republican critics.

Mike Gravel said only thing worse than soldiers dying in vain is more soldiers dying in vain.

Chris Dodd paused before raising his hand to say he has had a gun in his home.

No candidate agreed to along with Kucinich to impeach VP Cheney.

I'm sure the campaigns found far more news.

What did you think of this? Who won? Who lost? Who cares?

(btw, I hope you'll check out a new addition to Click on "Guest Plog" to hear some others' thoughts on how the candidates did)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please Come

John McCain comes to Des Moines Friday to announce he wants to be President. Who knew? The campaign just sent out an email to supporters asking them to show up for the announcement during "these challenging times."

Here's what the email said:

This week Senator John McCain is coming to Iowa to officially kick off his campaign for President of the United States, and we would like to invite you to join us. In these challenging times we need the principled leadership that Senator McCain will provide, and we would like to invite you to bring your family and friends to help show the broad base of support of our campaign enjoys.

And apparently, Jim Gilmore is announcing that he's running for Prez Thursday at noon at the Republican Party of Iowa headquarters in a live webcast. I would have thought the campaign would send something to us so we would know this. Getting coverage tends to be tough when we don't know about it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lamberti Thinks Mac, Obama Thinks Iowa

Jeff Lamberti's no longer going to sit the next one out. He's now in John McCain's camp. He's endorsed McCain for prez and will serve as McCain's Iowa co-chair.

BTW, the dem who beat Lamberti is planning on staying neutral, at least for a while. Des Moines area Congressman Leonard Boswell says he reserves the right to endorse, but doesn't plan on doing it anytime soon. Sounds like he'll wait around for the safe choice...after a nominee's already been chosen. For now, he'll take advantage of his out-of-town guests. Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for him last weekend in Des Moines.

How important is Iowa? (like we don't all know by now...)

I got this today from Obama's peeps...

Obama Campaign Announces New Iowa Website

DES MOINES – U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today announced that he has introduced an Iowa-specific campaign website to help Iowans stay informed and get involved in his campaign.

Obama’s Iowa website can be viewed at

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Candidate Overload?

There were far too many chairs and cookies inside the McAnich garage in Des Moines Saturday afternoon. Hillary Clinton headlined a fundraiser for Des Moines area Congressman Leonard Boswell. More than 200 people showed up. But the campaign was clearly hoping for more. There were nearly as many empty chairs early on as their were full ones (volunteers took away the empties during the event.)

Was it a fluke or is it a sign there are only so many interested Iowans to go around on a day when Edwards, Obama and Clinton all came to the area? Or was it that it was a Saturday afternoon...a sunny one, at that, with a high temperature that hit 80 degrees?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Microsoft to D.C.?

I knew Bill Gates was cutting back his work at Microsoft. I hadn't heard he's apparently landed a new job helping with the war effort...

Here's a release from Barack Obama's campaign in response to "William" Gates' comments on the war debate...

Senator Barack Obama’s response to Secretary of Defense William Gates' Statement on Iraq

Chicago, IL- Senator Barack Obama today released the following statement in response to Secretary of Defense William Gates' statement on the Congressional debate on the Iraq War.
"After the President has repeatedly ignored the will of Congress and the American people, his own Secretary of Defense now recognizes that the only way to pressure the Iraqi government toward a political settlement is to make clear that American troops will not be in Iraq forever. President Bush has had a long history of ignoring the advice of his commanders on the ground, but let’s hope that he follows the advice of his Defense Secretary so that we can finally begin the process of ending the war in Iraq in a responsible way."
According to the Washington Post, Gates said today while traveling in the Middle East, "The debate in Congress . . . has been helpful in demonstrating to the Iraqis that American patience is limited. The strong feelings expressed in the Congress about the timetable probably has had a positive impact . . . in terms of communicating to the Iraqis that this is not an open-ended commitment."

State Dems Cashing in on Candidates

Looking for a van?

Wanna make some big money fast? Buy a disk. Put 80,000 email addresses on it. Sell it to any democrat who wants to become President.

The Iowa Democratic Party has now sold 8 copies of its Voter Activation Network (VAN). VAN identifies state democrats who have caucused in the last few elections. It helps campaigns figure out who to target for support and makes it pretty easy to actually get a hold of these people.

Who bought the list?

Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Chris Dodd
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson
Tom Vilsack
Mark Warner

This VAN doesn't come cheap. It's $100,000 (I'm told Warner had actually only paid half the bill when he dropped out). So the total take for the Iowa Democratic Party is $750,000 so far.

Howard Dean, John Edwards, Dick Gephardt, Bob Graham and John Kerry bought a copy last time around.

More Gov TV

If it worked for Romney...

On Monday, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson becomes the first "D" to "go up." Richardson's campaign has bought airtime in Iowa's biggest tv markets. The buy is a mix of 30 and 60 second ads featuring biographical information and his plan for Iraq, the biggest issue of the election, a campaign staffer told me. I'm told one of the ads has him sitting at a desk going through his accomplishments and credentials.

The ad buys will come after Richardson leaves town this weekend. Richardson is one of the three candidates to speak at the Polk County Democrats' Spring Dinner with Congressman Leonard Boswell in Des Moines Friday night(Hillary Clinton's headlining a fundraiser for Boswell on Saturday in Des Moines).

Mitt Romney was the first republican (and the first candidate overall, outside of a few spots from Duncan Hunter's PAC that ran the end of last year) to air tv ads in the state. His poll numbers have gone up since he started advertising. Hmmm....

Some leftovers from the Jimmy Carter visit in Iowa City...
During his speech Carter didn't exactly diss Iowa, the state that catapulted him from obscurity to a Caucus victory (o.k., technically, "uncommitted" received the most votes, but apparently he dropped out), but he did say he favors a four-part regional primary system to replace Iowa's first-in-the-nation current process. But Iowa wouldn't even be part of the region that goes first. The east coast goes, then the west coast. He didn't say whether Iowa would be part of the region that goes third or the one that goes fourth. But either way, it would be spring, not January, when the Iowa Caucuses would commence.
Carter did recall some fond memories of the Caucus. He said he felt lucky if he could get just five people to show up at one of his early events. And he said since he had no money for motels, he and his family had to rely on generous Iowa families to put them up for the night. Campaign staffers who wanted lodging had to find a couch someplace or pay for a motel room.
Carter said he did invite all the generous families who helped lodge his family during the campaign to the White House after he got elected for a thank you celebration. 765 families, in all, I believe he said.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Popcorn (No Peanuts) and the President

I guess we should have eaten something before we got here in Iowa City (although we did stop at that great Chinese buffet place in downtown Newton). My Carver-Hawkeye feast: $7.75. This popcorn better be good. Shouldn't they serve peanuts here tonight? Oh, well, maybe my extra cash will help them find a new president here.

I'm told they expect 9,000 people to hear former President Jimmy Carter here tonight. And people thought Obama's throng of 6,000 was a lot in Ames.

I haven't actually seen the former Prez yet. We expected to shoot some video of him signing autographed copies of his latest book earlier this afternoon. But we were not allowed in.

Mr. Carter ended up quitting about 30 minutes early. But some of the people who had been waiting for him said they could trade the books they brought with them for an autographed copy that he apparently signed ahead of time. They all seemed o.k. with it. Well, except the protester outside who disagreed with the Prez' use of the word "apartheid" in his book. She apparently was not interested in an autographed copy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

First on the Shootings

If you wondered who would send out paper first (or email, in this modern age) about the Virginia Tech shootings, wonder no more... It's prez candidate Bill Richardson, who's also putting together one of those politically famous "task forces" to make sure it won't happen there.

Governor Bill Richardson Issues Statement on VA Tech Shootings

SANTA FE – Governor Bill Richardson today issued the following statement in response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech:

“On behalf of all New Mexicans, Barbara and I extend our condolences to the families of the victims whose lives were cut short by this horrific tragedy,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “This is a sad day and our hearts go out to the Virginia Tech community as it grieves this loss.”

As a result of the tragedy, Governor Richardson instructed New Mexico Higher Education Secretary Beverlee McClure to immediately begin working with institutions in state to ensure adequate safety measures are in place. These measures may include having a safety plan in place and a disaster response plan. The state will also be looking into the security personnel on each campus and the level of training those personnel have in an effort to determine how to better prepare campus police and security officials to respond to such incidents.

A Safety Task Force will be formed to make recommendations to the Governor for improving the safety of our students, faculty, and staff on our campuses in the state. The Governor is committed to creating a safe learning and working environment for all New Mexicans.


Va Tech Grad Culver Talks about Shootings

Just got this from the Gov's office...


(Des Moines) Below is a statement from Governor Chet Culver on today’s shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, his alma mater. Governor Culver graduated in 1988 with a degree in political science.


“I am deeply saddened by today’s shootings on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. My prayers go out to the students, faculty and staff whose lives will forever be changed by today’s events. It is a sobering realization that this could be the deadliest campus shooting in history. It casts a mournful pall over the splendid campus as those who knew the victims, and those who did not, try to make sense of what has happened.

“On a personal note, I am distraught that the peace and joy I enjoyed during my time as student has been shattered for the thousands of students who live and study there. My heart goes out to every family member and friend of those individuals who died today. This nation is holding its collective breath, praying for those people whose futures are uncertain.

“We, as Iowans, feel a sense of empathy and compassion because a similar event 16 years ago, stole the innocence from the University of Iowa. A lone gunman claimed the lives of five people and himself in a senseless shooting. There will be a period of mourning, and the nation mourns with you. I pledge to Governor Tim Kaine, the state of Virginia and the Virginia Tech family, my prayers, support and any assistance I may provide during this difficult time.”

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"W" Proves Obama Not Man for the Job?

Prez candidate Christopher Dodd took a subtle jab at one of his opponents (who also happens to have way more support in the polls right now). He hinted (o.k., more than "hinted") the past proves a newbie isn't the right guy for the country's future.

Dodd was talking before about 100 or so folks at the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy in downtown Des Moines. He said restoring the country's international standing will take a lot more than promises of hope (Obama's catch phrase word during his campaign stops here).

Dodd said, "Sometimes we fail to understand that this also takes experience. We sometimes belittle experience when it comes to doing these things. I don't think after six years of George Bush on the job training....that we need new leadership in this country that doesn't bring experience to the table that knows how to do these things from the beginning."

Dodd may have introduced a phrase we may hear him use again..."We don't need a surge of troops in Iraq - we need a surge of diplomacy."

Here's the campaign release about his speech...

Saying that his Presidency would strengthen America and begin an era of "bold engagement," Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd announced his foreign policy vision in a major address tonight at the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy in Des Moines.

"Indeed, positive, bold engagement that restores America's reputation as a secure, reliable and responsible leader would form the bedrock of a national security doctrine in a Dodd Presidency - a national security policy rooted in a reenergized military, strengthened international alliances and policies that enhance America's security for the long-term," Dodd said in the speech.
In sharp contrast to Senator John McCain's address this morning at VMI, which argued for more of the same failed Bush administration Iraqi policy of troop escalation, Senator Dodd called for a new course in Iraq.

The troop escalation is "not only failing to make Iraq more secure. By sapping our military of its strength and America of its leadership in the world, the Bush/McCain policy has made America less secure," said Dodd. "We don't need a surge of troops in Iraq - we need a surge of diplomacy."

Dodd called on his fellow Presidential candidates to join him in support of the Feingold-Reid bill that stands up to this President's failed policy, re-deploys combat troops within one year, and brings an end to this war.

Dodd also addressed the need for proven leadership to address the challenges that will face the next President of the United States. "Like never before, we need a President who is ready to lead from day one. There will not be a single day, a single moment for on-the-job training. Not one."
Some excerpts from the speech, "Beyond Iraq and Into An Era of Bold Engagement":

Contrasting Dodd's position with that of Senator John McCain:
"Just today, my Republican colleague who also seeks the presidency spoke about our involvement there. I understand that while he acknowledged setbacks in our efforts in Iraq, he reiterated his support for the President's troop surge strategy, arguing that it is succeeding and that we cannot afford to redeploy our troops out of Iraq.

"No one questions Senator McCain's patriotism. He is a war hero and a friend. But like the President, he is wrong.
"According to a news report, the day after Senator McCain toured a Baghdad marketplace—a visit guarded by 100 American soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships—21 Shia workers from that same market were ambushed, bound and shot to death north of the capital.

"Senator McCain's market visit makes clear the point many of us have made for some time. We don't need a surge of troops in Iraq - we need a surge of diplomacy. The Bush/McCain Doctrine is not succeeding - it is failing."

Calling for decisive action to end the war in Iraq:
"I am calling on all the candidates in this race to join me in clearly standing up to the President once and for all by stating their support for the Feingold-Reid legislation that sets a firm timetable to end this war by March 31st, 2008. After more than 3,200 lives lost, tens of thousands wounded and $400 billion spent, it is time to bring an end to a war that at every turn has failed to make America safer. The hour is late. It is time to begin putting our country on a more secure path."
Recognizing the need for experienced leadership:
"Let me be clear - hope alone will not wipe away the damage to America's moral authority these last 6 years. Hope alone will not bring our allies back to our side. Hope alone will not restore America's leadership. Like never before, we need a President who is ready to lead from day one. There will not be a single day, a single moment for on-the-job training. Not one."

Holding America's strategic allies accountable for their actions:
"The fact is, our real challenges in all of these areas lie not alone with our enemies - we know who they are. Our challenges also lie with those we call our friends or strategic allies - nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia who continue to suppress freedom and democracy and permit conditions that allow our enemies to thrive.

"What America needs is a President who will insist the House of Saud stop sending money to terrorists to take up residence elsewhere and start using their resources and efforts to bring stability and peace to the Middle East.
"What America needs is a President who will look into Vladimir Putin's eyes not to get a sense of his soul - but to tell him America wants to work together with Russia, not against her, but cannot in the face of his blatant disregard for a free press and suppression of political dissent."

Using energy technology to free America and the world from foreign oil dependence:
"Energy policy is a critical component of bold engagement in the 21st Century. A Dodd presidency would insist upon sharing with our allies the same renewable energy technology that will allow America to achieve energy independence - rendering the oil bribes offered by Iran's Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Chavez irrelevant, opening new markets for American goods and services, and creating conditions for democratic principles to take hold.

"It is time we help countries end their alliances of necessity with dictators simply because they are desperate for oil and aid. An America that leads on energy opens new doors in its relationship with nations from Latin America to Africa to Asia."

Monday, April 09, 2007

King Can't Stand (with) the Prez

Tom Tancredo look-alike, Iowa Congressman Steve King, (King admits even he can't always tell the two apart on tv) isn't so high on the Prez' new idea to let illegal immigrants pay to stay in the U.S.
The Prez says his idea isn't amnesty since he'd make undocumented workers pay for a temporary visa to stay and work here.

King told me the Prez' definition of "amnesty" is apparently different from the rest of Americans. King thinks the idea just rewards people for breaking the law. King wants illegal deported.

The Prez said deporting illegal immigrants isn't practical. King thinks it's not as hard as it sounds. He doesn't think law enforcement will be running around all over the place deporting people. He says once illegal immigrants find out the U.S. is coming after them, many of them will leave on their own.

BTW, I talked with King on his cell phone as he sat in his car in a Hy-Vee grocery store parking lot in Denison. He said he was paying his income taxes. He wasn't too high on the Internal Revenue Service either, he said.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Romney Has Dozen R's


Mitt Romney stopped by the Iowa Statehouse this a.m. to meet with the Republican Caucus, looking to win over a few more supporters. Today, he announced he's already nabbed an even dozen to his team (not to mention former Senator Majority Leader Stewart Iverson)

Here's the release...

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Iowa Legislative Leadership Team

Wednesday, Apr 04, 2007

DES MOINES, IA – At an Iowa Statehouse news conference on April 4, 2007, Governor Mitt Romney announced that 12 Republican state legislators have endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States.

The legislators will offer their insight and advice to Governor Romney on issues facing Iowa and the nation. Further legislative endorsements will be announced as Governor Romney expands his base of support at the Statehouse. "I am proud to have the support of these dedicated lawmakers whose hard work and conservative values help to make Iowa such a great place to live and raise a family," said Governor Romney. "I look forward to working with them as I travel across Iowa to share my optimistic vision for America's future."

Governor Romney's Iowa Legislative Leadership Team: - Sen. Jim Hahn, Muscatine - Sen. David Johnson, Ocheyeden - Sen. Dave Mulder, Orange City - Sen. Brad Zaun, Urbandale - Rep. Dave Deyoe, Nevada - Rep. Linda Miller, Bettendorf - Rep. Christopher Rants, Sioux City - Rep. Doug Struyk, Council Bluffs - Rep. Dave Tjepkes, Gowrie - Rep. Jodi Tymeson, Winterset - Rep. Ralph Watts, Adel - Rep. Tami Wiencek, Waterloo

Rudy G Skipping Ames?

Tuesday night, Rudy Giuliani wouldn't commit to taking part in the Iowa GOP's Presidential Straw Poll in Ames this summer (a huge fundraiser for the state party. Campaigns rent the space. And "voters" pay to take part in the poll).

This is only fueling the whispers that he'll run a scaled-down campaign in the state (mostly fueled by other campaigns). Jim Nussle, his top Iowa guy and former candidate for Iowa Gov last time around, didn't do anything to convince people otherwise Wednesday a.m. on our morning news. Nussle called the Straw Poll like "American Idol" and a "circus". (BTW, we'll get the whole exchange put on later today.)

Giuliani did tell the crowd last night that he planned on running in the Iowa Caucuses and predicted victory. We'll see how the other campaigns jump on Rudy G's comments (and Nussle's).

I'm sitting here at Tommy Thompson's official announcement in Clive (is it a re-announcement by now?). I can see a sign across the room, which makes it pretty obvious Thompson plans on doing the Straw Poll.

Thompson told me he plans on the largest Harley rally Iowa's ever seen. He'll have hot air balloon rides, too. (Not sure how the balloons work into this whole thing)

Just some random observations from the Giuliani event last night... It started nearly 30 minutes late. It seemed like the crowd of 400 or so stuck around. But the enthusiasm hardly compares to some of the others (like an Obama rally). There were a couple futile, short-lived attempts at "Roo-dy, Roo-dy". Very short-lived.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Helen's Not Mad About Rudy

So apparently Helen Hunt's not a big fan of Rudy Giuliani...

Got the following release today... A group claims to have a petition from 100 Iowans who really, really don't want Rudy G to be prez. They say they won't even support him if he's the party's nominee. I only count 39 on the list, actually 37 since a Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bose are on the list twice (perhaps they really, really, really don't like Rudy G).

Why aren't there 100 names on this list I wondered? The group's spokesman says only these people agreed to have their names published; the rest requested anonymity. So I guess we would just have to take the group's word for it that there are really 100 people out of the state's 3 million citizens who are joining together.

BTW, Helen Hunt may have filmed "Twister" here in the state. But I don't believe she's the same person from Cedar Rapids who's signed this petition. I'll keep working on that....

Here's the release...

100 Iowa Conservatives Vow Not to Support Giuliani Even if he Receives GOP Nomination
Iowa Conservatives Unite in Opposition of Giuliani in Preparation for First Visit to State

For Immediate Release: 4-3-2007

Des Moines – Today, The Conservative Declaration of Independence received a flood of additional signatures from Iowa conservative Republicans who vow not to support Giuliani for President of the United States even if we wins the Republican nomination.

The Conservative Declaration of Independence was introduced on Friday March 16, 2007 in Macomb County, Michigan, to promote conservative values and highlight the need for the Republican Party to nominate a 2008 Presidential candidate who supports and upholds basic conservative principles. Support for the declaration comes from Conservatives in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and several other states across the country.

Tom McMillin, one of the authors and original co-signers of the declaration, sent out an e-mail yesterday notifying Republican voters of Rudy Giuliani’s upcoming trip to Iowa and asking for their support in defending conservative values.

The same day Jim Nussle, Giuliani’s Iowa consultant was quoted as saying "We have to decide, based on this first visit, what kind of response he gets. Up until now, the response has all been remote. It’s been a remote response based on what he’s been doing nationally."

"Make no mistake, the response from Iowa conservatives has been very anti-Giuliani in the leadup to his first trip to Iowa," said Tom McMillin, the former Field Director of the Michigan Christian Coalition. "As conservatives in Iowa learn that Giuliani supports government funded abortion, partial birth abortion, homosexual marriage, and gun registration they quickly agree that we need this Declaration of Independence."

Over 100 conservative Iowa Republicans have signed the Conservative Declaration of Independence in the leadup to the Giuliani trip to Iowa. Interested individuals can sign the declaration of by e-mailing The declaration with supporting documentation can be found at

The Conservative Declaration of Independence
- March 15, 2007 -

When, in the course of political process, it might become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, it becomes necessary to declare the causes which would impel the separation.

We, the undersigned of this digital document, hereby agree that we are Conservatives first and Republicans second, and that we would not support the candidacy of Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani if the Republican Party chooses to nominate him for President of the United States.

We hereby agree that Mr. Giuliani is an American hero for his performance in the aftermath of 9-11, however his liberal record as Mayor, appointment of liberal judges, and the conduct of his personal life make it impossible for us to support his candidacy under any circumstances.
We hereby urge conservatives across the country to join us in signing this Conservative Declaration of Independence by emailing .

In Agreement,

New Hampshire
Paul Nagy
Draft Buchanan ’92
Northeast Director, Buchanan ‘92
Northeast Director, Christian Coalition, 1994-99
Mark Forton
Chairman, Michigan Conservative Union
State Chairman, Buchanan for President, 1996 & 2000
County Republican Chairman,
Macomb County Republican Party, 1994-1996
Tom McMillin
State Field Director, Christian Coalition of Michigan, 1994-1998
Issues Committee Chairman, Michigan Republican Party, 2005-2007
Board Member, American Family Association of Michigan, present


Timothy Everts
Wellsburg, IA
Helen Hunter
Cedar Rapids, IA
Bryan and Aspen Allen
Granville, IA
Thomas Carmody
West Des Moines, Iowa
Judy A. Barrett
Dallas Center, IA
Nancy Wagner
Morning Sun, IA
Lori Smith
John Hyde
Albia, Iowa
Nicole D. Baker
Clinton, IA
Elmer and Carolyn Veldhuizen
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Westrum
Jon Michael Bour
Phil Roe
Eldora, Iowa
Julie Roe
Eldora, IA
Dr. Richard P. Bose
Marilyn Bose
Jaclyn Fleming
Ray & Donna Seehusen
Pocahontas, IA
Don Herr
Cedar Rapids, IA
Lorie J. Wittmaack
Linn Grove, IA
William C. Schuster
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Rick Freeze
Des Moines, IA
James E. Hankes
Keokuk, IA
Dick and Dorothy Schlitter
Onawa, IA
Roger Sutton
Eldora, IA
Jim Littrel
Rhodes, IA
Doriano Rossi
Des Moines, IA
David Harwell
Des Moines, IA
Dr. Richard P Bose
Estherville, IA
Marilyn A Bose
Esterville, IA
Lee Bader
Jesup, IA
Todd Speck
Clive, IA
Alvin and Kay Greenwood
Dubuque, IA

Monday, April 02, 2007

Iowa's Mayors Sign Up Against America's Mayor

John McCain's not winning the money race so far (number three among the Repubs by my count). But it appears he's leading the pack when it comes to signing up Iowa's mayors (for whatever that's worth). Here's the release...

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today unveiled their Iowa Mayors for McCain leadership team, which includes twenty-three mayors from throughout the Hawkeye State.

"John McCain is a strong leader who is best prepared to win the War on Terror and protect America’s interests in the world," Dyersville Mayor Jim Heavens said. "I am honored to join with my fellow mayors in endorsing a proven, pragmatic, pro-life conservative like John McCain."

The Mayors for McCain leadership team is comprised of mayors from both rural and urban communities and draws upon each of Iowa’s five congressional districts. The mayors will use their experience to help spread John McCain’s reform message in their communities and provide strategic guidance to the campaign on local issues.

Senator John McCain expressed his appreciation for the support of these Iowa mayors. "These individuals are influential leaders and committed public servants who have earned the respect of their constituents," said Senator McCain. "They will be invaluable advocates for our campaign as we continue to spread my common sense conservative message across Iowa."

Iowa Mayors Supporting JOHN McCain
George Andersen – Nora Springs
Rick Anderson – Asbury
Mike Blake – Clarence
William Christensen – Toledo
Ron Colling – Manning
Nelson Crabb – Clear Lake
Darrell Dobernecker - Pella
Darrell Downs – Marcus
Jeff Fiscus – Alden
Thomas Ginger – Sanborn
Sandra Hatfield – West Branch
Marvin HearnDumont
Jim Heavens – Dyersville
Dennis Kunkle – Guthrie Center
Lon Larsen – Reinbeck
Ron Minten – Alton
Virgil Murray – Bellevue
John Nieland – Marion
Nels Nord – Huxley
Reynold Peterson – Spencer
Ruth RandlemanCarlisle
Steve Samuels – Humboldt
Lary WyckoffBedford