Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last Debate, Part 3

McCain--I have judgment and experience to ask every American to serve.
Hunter--I built that fence in San Diego that works so well.

Question about

Paul--need to adopt free trade policies.
Romney--spent last 25 yrs in private sectors. know why jobs come and jobs go. invest in education, technology. get off foreign oil.
Huckabee--excessive regulation. i can't part the red sea. but i can part the red tape.

Should we alter trade policies with countries that promote terror?

McCain--open Iowa's markets. eliminate subsidies on ethanol.

What specific changes should be made to nafta?
Giuliani--nafta is a good thing. america should embrace free trade. shouldn't lose goal of free trade. we are big dreamers.
Thompson--free trade and fair trade is backbone to economy.
Tancredo--nafta has been a disaster. destroyed entire ag economy in mexico. if it worked so well, why do we have so much pressure to get jobs here?
Hunter--if you bring your iowa product to mexico, you will pay a 15 percent tax to get it across.

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