Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last Debate

Thompson--National Education Association is biggest obstacle to education.
Tancredo--governor huckabee, not job of president to push arts and music. you should run for governor.
Huckabee--any time you give governors opportunity, they will make it work. president should use bully pulpit to enact best practices. be communicator in chief.
Romney--american is behind on education.

Tancredo--we can't leave iraq. we are committed there and will be for a long time. we can stop being a police force in iraq.
Paul--it is revolutionary to go back to the constitution.
McCain--i have more legislative achievements than anyone on this stage.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul sounded like a breathe of fresh air.

Dave Price said...

I'm hearing some insiders are wondering if Ron Paul could shock the establishment with a third place finish on caucus night.