Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now, It's the Dems Turn

It's nearly 1pm, just about time for the second round of debates here at Iowa Public TV in Johnston. Day 1 seemed to get quite a bit of criticism for the format. The moderator, Carolyn Washburn, who is the editor of the Des Moines Register, announced as it started yesterday that this wouldn't include Iraq or immigration. That brought immediate criticism. Then there's the format. Very little chance for back and forths between the Republican candidates. Very little news.

We'll see how Day 2 goes. It started slowly for us. Secret Service kept the media waiting in line for about 45 minutes outside the building. At least, it was warmer than yesterday. It has such a different feel when the Dems are arrived security-wise, because of the presence of Senators Clinton and Obama, who require quite a bit of secret service protection.

Just saw Chelsea Clinton finding her seat down front.

It's starting...

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