Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last Debate

Paul--goal should be to protect liberty.

Thompson--refuses to raise hand on whether global climate change is serious issues.

Giuliani--climate change is real. it's happening.

What impact on economy is acceptable to reduce greenhouse gases?
Romney--get off foreign oil. that lowers carbon emissions. we can do things to help environment and economy. we call it global warming, not american warming.

Huckabee--we don't own this earth. we are simply stewards. on a day like today, it's hard to believe there is global warming in iowa.
Hunter--instead of mandates, use incentives to get people to use bio. ethanol is not the greatest thing in show business.
Tancredo--doesn't want to use mandates to force more people to use bio.

Tancredo--unlimited massive immigration is a problem. it's a catastrophe.
Huckabee--people looking for leaderhship. they want a serving class. don't represent elite. represent the ordinary.

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