Saturday, May 01, 2010

Iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

Hi from the Marriott Hotel in Cedar Rapids. Our internet connection is undoubtedly overloaded, but it's working so far. So let's hope it holds out for the next hour.

I'll blog in shorthand... Here we go!

was culver's 10% across the board cut good decision?

roberts--should have called lawmakers back in special session.

vander plaats said 10% not leadership. takes no intellectual firepower. bvp said fund the classroom, not the bureaucracy. roberts answer and bvp's answers sound very similar to what they've said since culver made the cut.

branstad said it was wreckless and irresponsible. put state in debate with bonding plan (i-jobs) culver ignored repubs concerns about his spending. should have called legislators back into special session. put burden on school districts

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