Thursday, May 20, 2010

iowa GOP Governors' Debate, Part 3

Phew...the third and final Iowa GOP governors' debate is finished.

What stuck out to you? Plenty of drama between Bob Vander Plaats and Terry Branstad. Vander Plaats kept coming after Branstad numerous times, sometimes unexpectedly so on questions you may not have assumed would take a turn that way. Did it work for him? Did he score some points or did he look like he was just a flame-thrower looking for something to light Branstad's fire? What do you think? Good day for Team VP?

Branstad probably has a sore neck from all the head-shaking he was doing. He didn't hide his dissatisfaction of what Vander P was saying. He didn't have the outbursts he did during the Iowa Broadcast News Association's debate in Cedar Rapids. Remember that, when he'd yell out: "That's not true!" Seems like he held his composure more this time. But, the bigger question is, did he help himself by showing he wouldn't let Vander Plaats' attacks go without response? Or should he have avoided engaging with Vander Plaats and focused more on showing what he would do as governor and reassuring conservatives that he is, indeed, one of them and will cut spending, lower taxes (or more importantly to them, not RAISE taxes).

Roberts seemed to use his chance to point out (after all the VP and TB drama) that Iowans don't want politics as usual and want someone who can unite. Did you catch his final words when he said, "Am I the kind of person you want to see as your governor?"

And kudos to Kathie Obradovich, Kay Henderson and Dean Borg. Great format for the debate. It really moved along. We learned a lot about the candidates, their behaviors and even some differences.

Now, what did you think? Who helped himself? Who hurt himself?

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