Saturday, May 01, 2010

iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

how can immigration be used to repopulate?

tb...we don't want people coming here illegally. we don't want them to take welfare and medicaid and iowa cares money away from our citizens. we don't want sanctuary cities. we're not arizona. we need to do something that fits the needs of our state.

bvp...there's nothing honorable about begin here illegally. gov branstad is right, but illegal is illegal. hold those here illegally accountable.

rr...iowa has always been a very welcoming place. one of the reasons is that iowans like americans...highly value and prize the meaning of citizenship. those who come and work hard and become citizens, they highly prize that highly important status. citizens of this state are not obligated to provide benefits to people here illegally. require people to verify who they are. and businesses should verify people are here legally. if they don't do that, there should be punitive...

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