Saturday, May 01, 2010

iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

will you pledge to provide state funding for flood recovery?

tb...i don't think it should be just the state's responsibility (to help cedar rapids recover from flooding) i have some real misgivings about saying we will go to 500 year flood situation as opposed to 100 year. what is fair? what is cost effective way? want to see czech and slovac museum funded. my way is part slovac. there can't be a blank check given.

bvp...the flood was worst natural disaster in our state's history. come alongside the local community and see what we can do. but do a cost benefit analysis. need a governor who can balance the budget. governor culver should have called special session to say all hands on deck.

rr...most iowans can't comprehend damage to cedar rapids. you can't fully understand the damage until you see the families. when the flood occurred, culver should have called legislature into special session to appropriate every dollar out of economic emergency fund. culver used only 50 million out of the 150 million. every dollar should have been appropriated.

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