Saturday, May 01, 2010

Iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

should the state be involved with public funding of pre-school...

bvp...we need to decide who's responsible for educating children. i would grow the economy so parents can decide whether one parent can stay home in the early years to raise children. the current funding, 110 million, is not sustainable some point economy would have a slowdown and we would have problem paying for pre-school. it's a classic example of government going too far with program we can't afford. would have been better off for private providers to provide the quality education for 4 year olds.

tb...i agree with rep roberts (i think this is the 3rd time he has said that so far in the questions) i don't think government should take over education of 3 and 4 yr olds. it's a terrible mistake for state to take over massive obligations we can't afford.

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