Thursday, May 20, 2010

IOwa GOP Governors' Debate, Part 3

What should be done to hold businesses more accountable that employ illegal immigrants?

Branstad--Do what they are doing in Postville. The new owner of that meatpacking plant requires employer verification. Enforce the law and make sure tools are in business that people who work for a business are legally eligible.

Roberts--Enforce the laws and enforce punitive measures, particularly fines. Additional punitive measures possible, but he didn't really say anything specific about what those should be.

Vander Plaats--Businesses that knowingly hire illegals, they should be held accountable. He would proposed Arizona-style illegal immigration law.

Does IA need additional immigration here to meet business needs?

Vander P--no. Need to market state as right-to-work state.

Branstad--Need to keep more of our Iowa graduates to stay here. Yes, he would allow more legal immigrants to come here. (Hey, we finally have a clear difference among the candidates here!)

Roberts--not sure what his answer was. Don't think he said yes or no.

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