Saturday, May 01, 2010

iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

should children of illegal immigrants get in-state tuition businesses are not ins agents. hold businesses that knowingly hired illegal immigrants accountable. (roberts looked at bvp...first time i have noticed him looking at him during these first almost 50 minutes of debate)

rr...if you eliminate state benefits and they can't get jobs, they will leave. deal with the adults who are here illegally. that will address illegal immigration problem.

tb...children of people who are here illegally should not get in-state tuition. i also agree with rep. roberts, the state should verify people are here legally to qualify for state benefits.


Anonymous said...

Funny that venderplaats or roberts say they don't support it because I think roberts and vanderplaats campaign chair, rep jody tymeson both voted for giving children of illegals in state tuition

Anonymous said...

In state illegals and thier children should be shippsd back to where they came from . illegal is illegal. not to be rewarded but punished as criminals are supposed to be.