Thursday, May 20, 2010

IOwa GOP Governors' Debate, Part 3

Candidate to Candidate question now (this could get interesting!)

Roberts asked Branstad if he would join him in promising he wouldn't raise taxes over the next 4 years. Branstad said, yes, and that he would pledge to work to lower taxes.

No drama here.

Vander Plaats asked Branstad question (Branstad not even looking at him when he asks questions)
Vander P asks why Iowans should trust Branstad with their money.

Branstad said current State Auditor, Dave Vaudt, has studied all three candidates and supported me. Vander Plaats coming after Branstad about overspending in office, exceeding 99% spending limitations. Branstad repeatedly shakes his head, no. (It's on, baby!)

Branstad gets to ask question to Roberts...of the people who served with in legislature the most, who do you admire the most and who is the leader you don't? (softball question from Branstad to Roberts)

Roberts: Speaker of the House Brent Siegrist, who gave me time to get into leadership in house. Current Speaker Pat Murphy is the person he has least respect in his leadership style.
Branstad said Roberts' answer is "spot-on". Interestingly, Branstad did look at Roberts when those two men talk

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