Thursday, May 20, 2010

IOwa GOP Governors' Debate, Part 3

Lightning Round. Yes or no (or a few more words that than)

Refrain from federal health care reform.

VP: yes. TB: yes. RR: yes.

Would you require a woman to view a sonogram before getting an abortion.

All said, yes.

Will you require judges to oppose gay marriage and abortion.

RR and VP: yes. TB: don't think governor has authority to do that.

Would you encourage voters to oppose retention of judges who were part of same sex decision:

VP: yes. TB: up to the voters. RR: yes.

Should Iowa have fewer than 99 counties?

TB: no. RR: no (I think) VP: no ( think)

Would you ban same sex couples from adopting children

RR: yes. VP: yes. TB: should be in best interests of child. didn't say yes or no.

Would you reduce number of legislators and judges:

VP: yes. TB: yes. RR: yes in legislature , maybe allow 2 more justices.

Death penalty in Iowa:

TB: yes. RR: no. VP: yes.

Repeal minimum wage law in Iowa

All said, no.

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