Saturday, May 08, 2010

Utah Senator Loses Party Convention

Utah Senator Robert Bennett, a man finishing his 3rd term in office, just got quite a shock. Not only did he not win his Republican party's state convention Saturday, he finished third! Tea partiers wanted no part of him. So he looks finished. I don't know his situation well enough to see if he could try to save his skin by pulling a Charlie Christ, who switched from Republican to Independent to run for the Florida senate. Does Bennett's situation mean we can see any similar effects in Iowa? Iowa has a 7-person Republican battle right now in the state's 3rd congressional district. Although only about 4 candidates are especially active, at least from what I've seen so far. Will Iowa's Tea Party movement have enough strength to make a difference in the primary election June 8th? If so, that could really make for quite a night. Will it go to convention?

For the Love of the Game...I just don't see how my Cardinals are winning right now. I mean, I guess I do actually. It's thanks to their starting pitching. But their clutch hitting is awful, except it seems, for Yadier Molina right now. Matt Holliday also had four hits Friday night. But he has struggled mightily to get big hits when the team needs it. Surely, this team can hit better, right? I mean it's been 30 games now. That's nearly 20% of the season. Although, I guess you have to recognize the pitching's been so good for 20% of the season, too.


HawkeyeGOP said...

Actually if the primary fails to produce a congressional candidate, it is a re-convened District Convention that makes the choice.

Yes, the Tea Party will be a factor but nnlike Utah, no incumbent Senators or Congressmen in either party are facing primary opposition in Iowa.

Dave Price said...

Thanks, HawkeyeGOP. You are correct, sir!