Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iowa GOP Governors' Debate

Pre-game time as we wait for the three Republicans running for Iowa governor to take part in The Great Debate, Part 3. Here are a few things I'm watching:

Does Terry Branstad keep his cool this time? He appeared visibly and sometimes loudly annoyed with Bob Vander Plaats when BVP messed up his history lesson. Vander Plaats wrongly asserted then-State Senator (and now Congressman) Steve King sued then-Governor Tom Vilsack for issuing an executive order that let felons vote. Not so.

Will Vander Plaats keep trying to push Branstad? Will he criticize him heavily in a last-ditch chance to overtake him before his statewide audience? Will he try to get Branstad to get all riled up?

Will Rod Roberts keep the nice guy thing going? Or does he have to try to make some news and come after his opponents a little harder? It seems like Roberts has targeted Vander P more than Branstad, where Vander P comes after Branstad more. Is that a sign of which audience each candidate is trying to target?

Let's get it on!

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