Thursday, May 20, 2010

IOwa GOP Governors' Debate, Part 3

What is your biggest political mistake and what did you learn?

Vander Plaats: Said Branstad told him best way to beat an incumbent is too be a candidate with no political record. Branstad shaking head, "not true, not true". Branstad, "obviously your memory is not very good". I never said anything like you claim....your recollection is wrong or you are flat-out lying".

Vander P said it was March 14, 2000. He was at Branstad's house with VP's wife, Darla.

Roberts: The kind of dialogue we hear today is the kind of talk Iowans say we need to move past (sorry, this isn't the exact verbatum)
I ran in 1998 and lost by handful of votes. I could have worked harder.

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