Saturday, May 01, 2010

iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

final comments...

bvp...iowa needs new leadership. i'm positive and optimistic. i'm very persistent. will confront the real facts. time we had a ceo from the private sector not the public sector

rr...iowans want someone grounded in common sense. chet culver knows i can united republicans and can offer message that will attract independents and democrats. it's time for new leadership. i ask for your vote.

tb...iowans are concerned about governor culver's reckless and irresponsible leadership. can lead the comeback. i want to lead this state. i have set ambitious goals. he asked iowans for their vote.

that's a wrap! we're headed to see what they say in the "post-game". i'll have more observations a bit later tonight.

thanks for reading. please let me know what you thought of what you saw, heard and read today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Roberts is correct in stating he can unite all parties. Look at his legislative district....registered Democrats far outnumber registered Republicans in his district but yet they have elected him to five consecutive terms. He is a uniter and will able to get things done.

He actually provides answers with credible numbers unlike BVP who is a professional "sidestepper".

I really feel that Roberts is going to make a run and give TB all he wants. BVP is all but done in this race....too far right for most Iowan's.