Saturday, May 01, 2010

iowa Republican Governor Candidates' Debate

state tax credits...what tax credit if you could have one and take one away...which one would you have...

bvp...need to get state out of tax credits...see iowa become startup capitol of the world. cut capitol gains taxes from 8.9 to 3.5 percent. will take leadership and a governor that will market state as right to work state.

rr...targeted tax credits. state has been picking winners and losers. would be far better to eliminate that approach in time...simply eliminating tax on business. i was the first to eliminate corporate income tax. we have to do things dramatically different.

tb...targeted tax credit for movie making mistake. another example of reckless and irresponsible of culver. we don't need to give away tens of millions of dollars. the industrial job tax credit administered by community college...shouldn't eliminate. shouldn't cut research tax credit.

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