Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weekend

I'm going to call it 1 for 2. I picked it right that Obama would go for Biden. But, man, did I get the timing all wrong. My text came at 2:41am Saturday, two days later than I "predicted". Maybe that's why I'm so hesitant to make predictions.

Here's Biden's first video message to supporters:

Here are the highlights:

Catholic, Foreign Relations, middle class, change, change, 50 states, change (yeah, I know).

I know it's way too early to think about this, but... Biden is 65 years old. Let's say Obama wins this fall and then wins again. Biden would be 73 when Obama leaves office, seemingly too old to run for president. So we could again have one of these crazy, double open (no sitting prez or v.p. running for the White House). Yeah, I know. It's way too early to think about it.

Bachman's Ballboys are winners (btw, I didn't pick out that name). Our softball team put a whippin' on our opponent today in our last game of the year. It means we get a 7-6 record. We can be winners all winter long now. Andy Fales wasn't there. Maybe that's why we won. My shoulder hurts. My back hurts. My right leg hurts. I'll have plenty of time to heal.

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