Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's V.P.

Tomorrow by this time we should know who John McCain thinks can help him get to the White House. No tech-savvy text message in the middle of the night for this one, it doesn't sound like. So who will it be? I lucked out by picking Joe Biden as Barack Obama's number two. We'll see if lightning can strike twice.

Mitt Romney--pretty well-known. very successful businessman. But this would give the ticket two really rich dudes. Would Mac go for that after the "I don't know how many homes I own" debacle?

Charlie Crist--well-tanned. popular Florida Gov--big state. But this would be the two white-haired dudes ticket. Would that really help McCain will voters who think he's too old to be Prez--an elderly white-haired man with a middle-aged white-haired man?

a woman--this would seem to offer the chance to steal some of the "history" that Obama can bring. Maybe a woman governor. I really only find one that realistically fits: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She might be too young. She's only 42. She's not well-known at all. And with all the corruption cases involving Republican leaders in Alaska, would it be a good idea to pick a running mate from that state? There's Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. She's probably better known. But would Texas be a problem? Maybe this is a stretch, but with the other Texan's horrible approval ratings right now, would Mac really want someone from Texas?

Tim Pawlenty--younger than Mac. obviously. As gov of Minnesota, could he help deliver that state and then give Mac a shot in neighboring Iowa, too?

This history part of a woman pick would seem to offer quite a bit. But for what it's worth (nothing, I assure you), my pick is Pawlenty.

BTW, I left out Joe Lieberman. An Iowa democratic legislator told me this week McCain and Lieberman talked a lot during Mac's Iowa campaigning and the two are genuinely very close. I wonder if McCain would really like to choose Lieberman. The unity thing, you know. But I'm still going with Pawlenty. We'll see if lightning can strike twice.

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Shane Vander Hart said...

I think lightning will strike McCain if he chooses Lieberman.

Pawlenty would be a good choice. I like Palin, but she is too unknown. Romney has problems with his flipflopping.

Kay Hutchinson just said she isn't it.

It'll be interesting.