Tuesday, August 26, 2008


(skip ahead to 1:14 into this clip)

Governor Chet Culver just received his five minutes of non-prime-time fame at the Democratic National Convention. He thanked the country, ripped on McCain and screwed up Obama's name (he called him--phonetically-oh-BAM-ah, instead of, of course, oh-BAHM-ah). Oops.

Here's the text of his speech:

The long journey to this historic convention began on a cold winter's night in the great State of Iowa! So, I'm honored to join you – more than seven months and seven hundred miles from the site of that first contest, as we unite to make Barack Obama the next President of the United States. This summer, in Iowa, we saw the motivating power of hope and determination when our state was hit with one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. Despite three tornados and 500 year flood levels, countless Americans rallied to help us. So, on behalf of every Iowan, I want to say "thank you" for assisting us in our time of need. We will get through this difficult challenge! We know the Iowa values of faith, hard work and common sense will guide us and strengthen us, as we rebuild an even better, safer, and stronger state. Today I stand proudly with Barack Obama and Joe Biden – no strangers to Iowa who share our heartland values!
When they are in the White House, our country will once again rise to meet the great challenges of our time. And, on the top of that list of challenges is securing our energy future!
For the last eight years, the big oil companies and their Washington lobbyists have literally written our national energy policies. They have made billions, while the rest of us are paying the bill. Now the oil companies are placing their bets on John McCain – bankrolling his campaign and gambling with our future. McCain has voted against tax credits for renewable energy eleven times, and his only idea to solve our energy crisis is to keep doing what we're doing as we watch prices go up and up and up. Barack Obama understands our need for change. Only Barack Obama has a detailed plan to give us the change we need - lower energy prices and more "green-collar jobs!" If anyone still doubts whether renewable energy can lower prices and create jobs, look no further than Iowa. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in renewable energy, created more than 100,000 good-paying jobs, and provided clean alternatives to overpriced, foreign oil. Iowa is fast becoming the renewable energy capital of the United States – and other states, like Colorado, are doing the same. All around the country, entrepreneurs and innovators are joining state and local governments on exciting, cutting-edge projects. Just think how we'll do when we have a president who shares our vision. Barack Obama's clean energy plan will create 5 million new jobs. He will crack down on the special interests who intentionally bid up energy prices for their own profit. And, he will set a national goal of producing 25 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2025. In just more than two months, Americans will decide the most important election in a generation. Our choice is to stick with the status quo or move our country forward. On energy, the stakes couldn't be higher. So, my fellow Democrats, let's lock arms and work together. Lets ensure that the journey that began in Iowa will continue on from Denver to Washington, DC. Let's put Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House and put our country on a path towards energy independence!

Thank you and God Bless America!


Anonymous said...

I still would like to see obamas birth certificate (which I don!t belive hehas come up with) to see he is a natural citizen according to laws at his birth.

Anonymous said...

Give us a break on this. Come on. Why don't you bring up how he is a Muslim who is planning to blow up the United States. Give us a break.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Chet!

Anonymous said...

we know he is muslim the qoestion is is he a naturalized citizen of the united states. a birth certificate would show it.