Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bachman and Boesen

In case you are wondering (and I was), the Bachman family attacked by that madman in China is not related to WHO-TV 13's main anchor John Bachman. There are some coincidences between the families though. The man who died, Todd Bachman, lived in the Twin Cities. John Bachman used to live in the Twin Cities. Todd's wife, Barbara, was also injured in the attack. John's wife is also named Barbara. Todd served on the board of regents for Wartburg College in Waverly. John's father, also named John, served as President of Wartburg. Coincidences. Nothing more.

I'm still trying to figure out what to make of what we're hearing about former Des Moines businessman, Ed Boesen. I don't believe I ever met the man. Davenport police say Boesen committed suicide in Davenport last month. I don't think they've ever released autopsy reports to determine the final cause of death. On a previous blog post, some people who knew Boesen said he was one of the best guys you could ever meet. Generous and kind. Others are questioning if there's more to the story. Banks have now filed lawsuits against Boesen's estate for about $26 million for failure to repay loans. There are allegations of fraud...that Boesen misrepresented his assets in order to qualify for bank loans. No matter what's correct here. This is a sad story. Sad. Sadder still for his wife and four children.

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