Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin?

Why didn't I go with my gut? Wuss. I really felt John McCain might want to try to pit history vs. history. Barack Obama is working to become the first african-american prez. McCain could find a woman running mate and go for something similar. But repubs just don't seem to really have a lot of well-known female a governor.

I searched through female republican governors. There were only a few. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's name stood out. At 44, she's quite young (at 38 now, that makes me feel good to write that 44 is quite young:) She is VERY little known across the country. Had you ever heard of her? She's a first term governor, a former mayor, a mother of five. McCain has definitely found a way to infuse a little intrigue and excitement into the race. I wonder when he made this choice. Did he see the video of teary-eyed Obama supporters and a jam-packed football stadium in Denver at the Democratic National Convention? Did that make him feel like he had to do something to regain some mojo.

What's also interesting to me is that the McCain camp had been ripping on Obama's pick of Joe Biden. Supporters said it shows that Obama knows he's weak on experience and foreign policy and that's why he picked Biden. How can McCain now not get grilled for picking someone to help his possible "weaknesses"? McCain turns 72 today. He's been in Washington longer than many of Obama's supporters have been alive. Will he convince voters that Palin, who is now only a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, is ready? Social conservatives haven't been all that hot on McCain. Palin, once social cons get to know her, would seem to make them pretty happy.

I just emailed former Governor Tom Vilsack. I told him last week Palin was my dark-horse pick for McCain. I wanted to make myself feel better, I guess. I should have gone with my gut and picked Palin yesterday. Wuss.

BTW, I just tried (it's 10:09am) to google Palin. Her website in the Alaska governor's office seems overloaded right now. I can't get it to open. I bet a lot of people right now are "searching" her right now to see who she is.


Anonymous said...

I think McCain just shot himself in the foot. Who wants a VP that is in their first term as governor? Sure we want a woman in the White House but Hillary was the only one with enough knowledge to accept that position. I think McCain did Obama a huge favor!!

Anonymous said...

Who wants a president that is a first term senator? I think that's way worse than a VP with executive experience. If that's the best the Obama people can come up with, I think McCain just hit a home run.

Anonymous said...

This was a terrific pick!

B.O. was a state senator four years ago.

Palin is going to impress people.

And calling her unqualified just means you must not think a woman can do it. Thought you all were over that.

She's awesome. Well done, McCain!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ anon 11:01.

and I agree w/ anon 12:09

She's so awesome! What a lady. There's no one better that he could have picked, she's incredible.

Shane Vander Hart said...

McCain made a great pick.

She has more executive experience than all of them combined both as a mayor and governor.

She also is a person of integrity and reform.

She's conservative.

Home run as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I think McCain chose a woman as his running mate to get the woman voters that were formerly supporting Hillary Clinton. There's no other reason he would make such a bad decision.

Jami said...

Everyone complains about Bush and McCain and yet they have plenty of experience. Maybe Sarah Palin will breath some fresh life into the political arena and give a new outlook on all the issues. She may be new to the political arena but google her name...she has already accomplished so much in such a short time.

She is the mother of a soldier going to Iraq and the mother of a child with down syndrome. She is a mother like so many other mothers in the world and can be their voice. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if that means bucking her own party.

If you want experience...fine. That's what John McCain is there for. As a POW he knows what being commander-in-chief is all about. Sarah Palin will be a quick learner as the number 2 person in command. Those who are worried that she might take office just remember....John McCain is 72...not dead.

Daniel said...

The reason Mcain took this woman on was because of her conservative veiws. Thats it he has no conservative views. Thats why he is the maveric. He will use her as a pawn to try to swing the evangelical base. thats my 2 cents worth

cityview said...

Great Pick!
Who has less experience than Obama.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome lady! What an awesome pick! I couldn't be more happy with McCain's choice.
If any of the "non-bias" "journalist" would give this potential V.P. the press that Obama recieves she would certainly impress many Americans, Republican or Democrat. There is not anything substantial that the press can dig up on her. She seems to be good person that is working to make our country a better place.

dickster said...

You have got to be kidding me, this selection is a joke, the person who is supposed to take over the highest position in the world and has served for only 1 and half years as the governor of the smallest populus state and a mayor of a 9,000 town! This is the best he could do, what a joke, This is irresponsible and dangerous. McCain, I was ready to vote for you but you really scare me now.

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME picking a WOMAN for VP.
McCain made a smart move.
It all start's running for your town mayor or sitting on the City Council.
Palin worked her way up to the Governor's Office.
And she's in my age bracket.
She's attractive, smart & a CRUSADER.
The guys are gonna love her, cause she's a woman that loves the out-doors.
And she's a mom with a special needs child.
She sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

McCain lost my vote. Putting this country first should include choosing a vice president who could assume the most powerful position in the world -- right now. Her conservative stature doesn't compensate for the requirements of this office or the needs of this country. What a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no doubt Hillary had the knowledge.

But-- Obama felt threaten by Hillary, that's why he didn't want her.

Michelle Obama gets jealous of any woman in power-Oprah or Hillary.

Read the newspapers about thee obama's how they act.

Barrick is not ready to lead.
He has nothing on his Resume!

Most of our Presidents in the White-house have held office as a Governor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if McCain isn't your man, then vote for Obama or not at all.

But you're gonna have higher taxes,
what Obama wants to do, according to to his speeches. Cause his a frickin liar! Obama plays the game well. Remember, he's from the South-side of Chicago!

Connie Stevens said...

I think McCain's choice is an excellent one! I applaud her conservative moral values and she's not afraid to stand firm on them. Hooray!

Tim said...

I would love to vote for her for number one on the ticket. Great choice. If she doesn't have much executive experience, what does that Say about Obama who has none. Sorry Dems but we have a winner.

Anonymous said...

Like most American's, I'm tired of hearing about global warming, the Mid-east crises, nuclear proliferation, illegal immigrants, growing poverty, sagging health care and that "evil terrorism" stuff. I think it would be refreshing to have a vice president who knows something about go-go boots, hockey and funding city fire trucks. If Sarah Barracuda can lead a team of basketball players to victory, she can lead this nation to once again achieve the world respect we once had. God bless you Sarah Palin and God bless the PTA!

Show Me State said...

Hey Dave, Sarah Palin got second in the Ms. Alaska competition, what place do you think she would of gotten in Iowa? Also is there any kind of swimsuit competition being added to the VP Debates? Finally what do you thinks is Bill Clintons opinion of Mccains VP pick, or do you think his wife won't let him comment?

Anonymous said...

what other politician get the question in advance ? does she get to pre-record the answers and lip-sync as well........