Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav for dinner

O.K., I realize this isn't p.c. to say...but will Hurricane Gustav actually help the Republicans politically? I know it's probably not even right to bring this up. But here's what I mean. Republicans avoid the uncomfortable conversations about the unpopular president and v.p., who are both now skipping the convention (yes, I know both men remain very popular with a certain sect of the Republican party--but polls show they're clearly not very well-liked by the rest of the country). Even die hard Repubs with whom I've talked don't really expect John McCain to nail a speech like Barack Obama typically does (although they were hoping for a good showing from his v.p. choice, Sarah Palin).

But because of the hurrican, McCain now gets the chance to show he's on top of leading the country as he responds/plans for Gustav. Outside of McCain and Palin (maybe Palin more so), how many Repubs had highly anticipated convention speeches planned, compared to the buildup of Hillary and Bill? This way, it would seem, Repubs can now focus on getting ready for Gustav, and heaven forbid, if the Gulf Coast hits hard, they can focus on rescue and recovery. Just some thoughts...again, probably not very p.c.

A subject much less deep (can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?) , who knew Gustav is a good place to go eat? A restaurant chain of the same name has a group of places on the West Coast. Who knew?

Speaking of eating...well, not really, let the fat lady sing. My Cardinals, after their three-day, weekend-long butt-whoopin' by the annoying Astros essentially end this overachieving season. It hurts. A lot.

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show me state said...

The fat lady is singing, the cards always seem to fade lately in the second half. I wonder what Larussas lifetime record is after July 31.