Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking for Number 2

You'd have to figure Barack Obama will pick his running mate soon. Here's a scenario (for what it's worth, which probaby isn't much!)... Sunday night, Obama's campaign announced you could sign up to receive a text message that will announce Obama's choice for his number two. Maybe the campaign enjoys the free news coverage of that for a few days, plus gives people a chance to forward the email about the texting to friends and family (or so the campaign hopes). Maybe the veep announcement comes out next week, to give it a full week before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Just a few maybes to thing about on a rainy morning in Des Moines.
BTW, we asked a bunch of Obama supporters at the Iowa State Fair who they wanted for Obama's running mate. Hillary Clinton was the popular name, but not always in a good way. She did get the most "votes" for V.P. But she also got mentioned most as the person who shouldn't be on the ticket.

Obama leads our "Cast Your Kernel" poll at the fair. It's been back and forth, but Obama has started to widen his lead as of Tuesday morning. Here are the latest numbers:

Does this John Edwards story get more tough to believe or what? And how many of his staffers knew about all of this? So Edwards lied to his wife, his family, his supporters, the American people and the media. The Washington Post has a story that shows the lies aren't finished. This story makes is appear Edwards continued his dishonesty long after he claimed he had finished his "mistake". I'm pretty sure if I ever did this, my wife wouldn't be calling this a "mistake". I'm also pretty sure I'd never sing anything but soprano again.

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