Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edwards Screwing Around Too Late for HRC

So Hillary Clinton campaign's higher up says she would have won the Iowa Caucuses had news that John Edwards is an adulterer broke sooner. There seems to be some obvious irony about infidelity here (uh, Bill), but I'll let it pass. Clinton's former Communications Director Howard Wolfson claims Edwards' supporters would have gone to Clinton. That doesn't quite jive with the hundreds of interviews I did with Iowans before the caucuses. It seemed to me, for the most part, either they liked Clinton or they were deciding between Edwards and Obama. And I didn't seem to meet too many people who had Edwards as their first choice and Clinton as their second.

A University of Iowa professor reports the complete opposite claim of Wolfson. He believes Obama would have done even better had bed-hopping Edwards got kicked out of the race. Pass me a glass for a sip of that sour grape juice.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever Hillary. Give it up!