Tuesday, August 26, 2008


TNT may say it's the place for drama. But I'll be watching the drama elsewhere tonight. And I don't just mean Governor Culver's afternoon speech at the Democratic National Convention.

What will Hillary Clinton say tonight? How will she do? Will it be passionate? Convincing? Will it look like she's really trying to get her supporters to, once and for all, commit to Obama? Or will skeptics suggest a half-hearted attempt because she really wants to try again in four years? Must See TV tonight, no doubt.

Of course, I'll be torn, because my Cardinals play the Brewers tonight at 7pm. It's nearly a must-win sweep for the Cards. Nearly. Mediacom had better not be blacking this one out.

And what is this crap from the Brewers? They have this annoying habit of untucking their jerseys after they win a game (they did it four times during their sweep at Busch Stadium earlier this summer). It's so cocky. SOOO annoying. Now, they even have a song to go with it. And it's even more annoying!

You'll need your speakers up to hear it.


Melinda said...

Go Cubs go! Sorry Dave! Well, okay, not really. :)

Dave Price said...

I know...it's the Cubs year. It hurts!

Melinda said...

Last night's game against the Phillies was awesome! Not that I want the stress of watching them come from behind all the time, but Rameriz sure knows what to do in those situations. His grand slam left me screaming so loud, my husband was wondering what was going on while he was watching the DNC convention upstairs! Ha! I loved it when Rameriz said after a game earlier in the year, "that's what they pay me to do".