Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Plans for Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration. We heard the words come up who knows how many times during the Presidential campaign in our state. Now, the words have made their way to the Iowa Statehouse. Today, Democrats and Republican told us of two far different ways to deal with the situation in our state.

Democrats say they're putting together legislation that would go after those who hire undocumented workers. Under HF2026, those employers who do "knowingly" hire illegals can be fined up to $10,000. It also prevents employers from firing a worker if they inform law enforcement officials of the hiring of illegal workers.

Republicans say the Democrats' ideas aren't the way to go. It's not right, they say, to go after bosses; they need to go after the people working here illegally. Republicans, instead, want to establish partnerships with the federal government. When local and state authorities apprehend illegal immigrants, they would work with the federal government on making sure those immigrants get deported (although local authorities have complained to us they already have problems with the feds actually showing up to take the immigrants once they have rounded them up). Republicans point to Oklahoma as proof partnerships work. They predict 25,000 illegal immigrants are already on their way out of that state.

Here's this afternoon's release from state Republicans announcing the formation of an illegal immigration task force...

Senate Republicans Appoint Task Force to Address Illegal Immigration
Democrats fail to lead yet again

DES MOINES – Today Senate Minority Leader Ron Wieck (R-Sioux City) announced the formation of a Senate Republican task force to address the issue of illegal immigration.

“Failure of the federal government to adequately address the illegal immigration problem has left it to the states to take control of the issue,” stated Wieck.

Senator Jeff Angelo (R-Creston), Senator Paul McKinley (R-Chariton) and Senator Steve Kettering (R-Lake View) have been appointed to the task force.

“The Democrats have failed yet again to lead on an issue that will affect Iowans in their communities,” said Wieck. “This session you will not see a comprehensive illegal immigration plan from the Democrat majority.”

The task force will forward a comprehensive package of reforms to the Republican caucus in the following weeks.


So, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Why not come after the CEOs? They're the ones who hired the illegal in the first place. Don't they deserve some blame, too?!

Anonymous said...

So, the GOP would rather spend money on deporting the illegals than fine the employers who knowingly take part in hiring illegal immigrants? Really? Business friendly? Yes. Fiscally responsible? Probably Not.

Anonymous said...

When the state of Iowa spends millions to support illegal aliens in my opinion that is just plain wrong. They are not entitled to our tax dollars. What could be done with the 48.3 million that was spent on healthcare? 4.9 million on incarcerating deportable illegals, that would really put a dent in building the new prison Mr. Culver thinks is needed. ( Who really cares if prisoners have a modern facility or not) 175.3 million spent on educating illegal plus 13 million spent yearly on English Language Learners. These amounts of money spent on this class of people is
totally unacceptable. It is time to completely stop any and all services to illegal aliens. Both parties need to get it together and do the right thing for IOWANS.
We need to use tax dollars for the good of our LEGAL citizens and stop robbing our children of the education they deserve.

Anonymous said...

My Mother was killed by an illegal alien with a fake driver's license. In the same accident my husband's back was broken. The illegal had a fake driver's license & already had charges for meth & asssault. I think all illegals should be sent home & absolutely no tax dollars spent for welfare for them. They can try to fix their own country instead of coming to wreck ours. There are laws to follow if they truly want to migrate to the US. I say fine the business owners hiring them, check all identities--do whatever we must do to keep our country safe. Statistics show there is a high percentage of illegals in our prisons for other crimes. We don't need more problems here--we have enough already. Please contact your legislators with your views.

BJ said...

I want to be bi-partisan when it comes to illegal immigrants. Do what the Republicans want AND what the Democrats want!!!!

Margaret said...

why can't the democrats and replubicans agree on this. Send the illegals back where they came from, and fine the company's that hire them. But of the two choices, if we send them home they'll just be back as long as we let them have a job. so stiffly fine the companies that break the law in hireing them, make the fine stiff enough to hurt. Take the job's away. If there is no job's the illegals will stop coming. Employers that hire them are a part of the problem.

Jeff said...

It's great to hear all of this tough talk. I'm sure building fences will help. I'm sure arresting illegal immigrants who commit crimes will help. But really what can we do if they are already here? What about their children who were born here? We can't say they can't go to school or they can't go to the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Send them all back to their home countries.We paid for a fence but didn't get one.We pay for immigration enforcement and get nothing. Most taxpayers don't realize that the federal government does not allow local or state law enforcement to check citizenship status because these officers supposedly aren't "certified/trained" to do so. When local/state officers request assistance from the feds on suspected illegals, they more often than not are refused help.

Anonymous said...

deport anyone who HIRES an illegle.i'm sick of the gop protecting employers who break the law to get rich at EVERYONES expense. get rid of law breaking employers and illegles will stop coming here. it's that simple

ellie said...

fine employers; send all of them back that we can. do anything and everything to stop this now. we won't need to increase bottle deposits or make permanent the local option tax for schools. just do the right thing for once.

Anonymous said...

Employers, particularly meat packers, have for years recruited illegal immigrants to replace higher paid American employees. I'm not surprised the GOP is against action against the employers. Most probably are republicans and fund the legislators. If you always follow the money you can generally find out what is really going on.

Alliegirl said...

Well if you want to fine the companies, CEO's, etc...go ahead...but that doesn't solve the problem that we'll still have a pant load of illegals running amuck going and getting just another job somewhere else here in Iowa........a job some LEGAL, hard working, TAX PAYING, U.S. citizen should have!!!!!!!
And don't get me started on how much money illegals get for education...I know this first hand....I mean, if you think about it... What a slap in the face to us that obey the laws and pay taxes and scrimp and save to give our kids a future..totally infuriating. I've got two kids that I've been saving college money for ever since they were born. And people who live here illegally can get handouts for schooling? WRONG!
If illegals want to come to America and become LEGAL CITIZENS, sweet, that's awesome....THEN go on and go to school and then you can pay off your student loans your whole entire life like God intended.

Frustrated Carpenter said...

We here in Iowa have a serious immigration problem. I did not realize how much of a problem that we had until I broke out of the small town Iowa work scene and started working for two specific contractors in the Des Moines area. I can name over 12 individual companies that knowledgebly employ/"sub contract" illegal aliens. If we are going to stop this growing problem we need to stop it at it's core by cracking down on the businesses that hire them to begin with. If there is no work for the illegal aliens they would not be here. Why try to punish someone that has no ties to this country and no respect for our laws. We need to fine the people that matter and can't change their name over night. On one specific jobsite that I supervised in the Des Moines area their were over 25 Illegal aliens working under my supervision and that was not including the Drywall contractor that had anywhere from 10 to 15 illegal aliens on site daily also a few weeks before the Drywall installation had started you had 10 or more illegal aliens working on the asphalt roofing. And this was all on one project with in one month. So right there is over 50 legal Americans that could have been working instead of unemployed. I just truly wish there was someone that could use the names of the companies that knowingly use illegal aliens as their primary work force.

Anonymous said...

There's no room in the jails for these idiots who employ the illegals. Fine the bejebers out of them, then send the illegals home.
We have to take care of our own.
The prisons are for the Drunk Drivers who kill people, murderers,rapist, & child molestors.
Let's quit taking care of illegals.
Politics has no place in this decision. I wish they would get a backbone.

Anonymous said...

You bet, hold the CEO's responsible!!! After all we know what rolls down hill. Hit the Fat Cats where it'll hurt them the most, in their pocketbooks. Maybe they'll think twice after a nice healthy fine or two about hiring illegals. I also think they should be responsible for the back taxes that would have been paid if a US citizen would have held that position. What part of "Illegal" don't they understand????

Anonymous said...

At 5:15 am the responses are over whelmingly in favor of fineing the employer and sending the illegals packing. WHEN will Gov. finally heed the peoples wishes? Oh yeah, never, cuz as many previously have mentioned it's about the money. Employ just enough illegals to keep wages low. Congress, since the Reagan years, has successfully created a 'slave class' in skilled/unskilled labor.(Thanks Ronnie for trickle down,sheesh.)
You know the REAL reason behind the housing industry meltdown? We can't AFFORD to buy a home on our current wages. Business has turned into a huge board game. ALL that matters is how much money the CEO's can pocket,Period. See the article in yesterdays business section of DSM Register for some sobering inrormation on the state of prices and wages. In '89 my dad made $11.00 dollars/hr in a factory job, bought a home, raised three and mom didn't work. Adjusted, that would be close to $18.00 today. BTW, if rates are frozen for five years on these subprime loans, what makes anyone think in five years these people will magically be able to afford the increase? Hint: they will not.
Last thought; 'knowingly' hire? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Well.. we can credit all this to NAFTA. They convinced the american people that it was to bring their standard of living up to ours.The real truth is coming to the surface.It was about bringing americans standard down to theirs.

Now the media justifies it all by telling us that they only take the jobs americans don't want.

It is the employers responsibilty bottom line.

However, Here we go again. This country has been dumbed down to the point that people will vote based on race or gender.

And irresponsible politicians will continue to hood wink the average

stymie222 said...

The Illegals have been flooding Des Moines and Iowa for the past decade. Our past and present Governor's have done nothing to stop them. Our lawmakers are just now discussing the issue? The Illegals have been working in the construction industry here, lowering the wages for our residents.They have never been cited for not having a license for performing electrical work, even though they have been employed on projects in downtown Des Moines. Why do you think our Health care has skyrocketed only in the last decade? Coinsidence? Why should the taxpayers educate their children? Why should the taxpayers subsidise their housing? Why are they here at all? When will Iowa adopt the same laws that Arizona just has?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Marshalltown Iowa, Illegal's. The city welcome's you. Who is breaking the law of this country. Unsafe school's, unsafe town. The federal government doesn't allow locat police or state law enforement to check ILLEGAL'S. Fine$$ law breaking employers and Illegles will stop coming here. (Please print this. Thank You)

Anonymous said...

What if the illegals are already here? They need to be deported. There are legal ways to come here. We can't say they can't go to school. It should be they can go to school if they speak ENGLISH, have the documents our students are required to produce before entering our schools,pay for the education they recieve and pay for their own meals. You do know Iowa has said ENGLISH is our language. Do you agree with taking time away from our young citizens in school?
Are you not tired of paying more taxes every year so Mr. Culver can support illegals? How about having non english speaking children go to school at night, and paying for the facilities they use. Our children deserve better. They can't go to the dr. Sure they have that right but they do not have the right not to pay for it. Do you like paying for illegals healthcare? Wait until Iowa hospitals have to close because they are so far in debt they can't operate any longer. It will cost more to go to the dr. because you will have to pay more for the gas to get there, more for premiums more for medication. But I guess if hospitals close there won't be a need for more nurses.
Come on Iowa wake up this is a REAL problem, will it take losing a family member at the hands of an illegal alien to finally make you see the light?

a mexican american born in Iowa to born in usa parents said...

When I was a single working mom I was did not qualify for asstence. But the illigal allin lady with the 2007 suv out side did. that bull crap. sapposible they come there to work not to live off are government right. Please take a way there right to resive assetents

Anonymous said...

We hear, we can not afford to deport the estimated 12 million illegals who are now in the USA. If there are no jobs availble, no free education, no free medical care, they will find their own way back. It shouldn't be at the expense of those paying taxes.

Stiffer and inforced laws are in -order and needed to make the correction.

We have allowed this problem to fester to a huge puss pocket that is going to blow up in our faces.

If we think we have problems with social security now, wait till the illegals become retirement age and want to start drawing retirment. Some of them I suspect are using someone elses ID and paying in to Social Security and they are going to want their share.

History is repeating itself and very closely matches the sweat shops of the 1930s' to 1940's. The businesses hiring these illegals are totally repsonsible for the prediciment we are facing. Punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

We also need to revisit the law that automatically makes an illegal's new born child a leagal citizen. They are here illegally and they should not be granted citizenship, this only compounds the problem at-hand.

Anonymous said...

Automatic citizenship for anchor babies. Where in the world is it that a child has a differnt citizenship than their mother? I would not want this. Our government
is letting our citizenship be a laughing stock. Why aren't they proud of being an AMERICAN citizen that they just let any invader qualify? And our tax dollars pay for this kind of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see people that rent to illegals being fines too.
We need to make it as difficult as possible for the invaders. How about a small town in Iowa that has a mexican store that HAD a mexican flag in their storefront window no U.S.A flag to go with it.
Now I see the mexican flag has been removed. How about that? Don't know the reason but glad to see it was gone. Its kinda fun to sit across from that store and watch the patrons as they walk to the business. The majority of them are looking over their shooulder as they approach. Why do you suppose that is? This same small town has survived without this invasion for over 150 years and now the invaders are here too? They need an inintiative to leave and by the city council allowing this it is unaccepatable.