Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary and Tim

Anybody see Hillary Clinton for the full hour on Meet the Press with Tim Russert Sunday a.m.? Russert has tried to get her on the show for quite a while now. He's even mentioned on the air that she turned down the requests. Now, fresh after her New Hampshire win, she decides to talk to the media again. Yes, I know her campaign will say she has been doing interviews. Senator Clinton told me the same thing. But I think we can all agree she has been making herself more available to both reporters and potential voters after the Iowa Caucuses. Perhaps, a third place finish will do that.

BTW, what happens if Clinton wins the nomination? We all assume Iowa will again be a purple, swing state this fall. What will Iowans think after her campaign trash-talked the Caucuses?


Sara said...

I can't believe Hillary did the Tyra Banks show. Of all the respectable journalists and tv shows out there... Tyra? I guess that's what happens when Oprah endorses Obama.

Dave Price said...

So you don't think Tyra has the same following as Oprah:)

Sara said...

Only when Tyra is interviewing Obama. :) (Which I knew she did, but that seemed more believable than her landing the elusive Clinton.) How come you didn't get her to talk about her emotions after she learned of Monica?