Friday, January 25, 2008

Elephants in the Sunshine

Let the softballs fly (more on that later)...

As the days in the beautiful Florida sun get fewer for the Republicans, will they also serve as the last remaining days as Presidential candidates for a few? What did you make of Rudy Giuliani last night during the last debate before next Tuesday's Florida Republican Primary? Doesn't he HAVE to win that state? He didn't seem to be exuding the confidence of a man about to win. Will he drop out if he finishes in third-place as the polls have him now?

Mike Huckabee didn't seem to get the front runner treatment either last night. What little money he had, it seems, is disappearing as he makes budget cuts in his campaign. Would a fourth-place finish in Florida lead to his final sunset in this race? Or will he bask in his no-money-like-he-had-in-Iowa-ways and keep Chuckin' along.

Mitt Romney didn't seem to make any major gaffes last night. He did seem to be a bit awkward during that question about how much of his personal money he's used in Florida and elsewhere so far this campaign (published reports list his personal wealth at between $250 million and $500 He also looked almost pained at times during the debate...did he have a hard time hearing...was it bad lights that blinded him...too much cheese?

John McCain did have that one moment that makes you wonder. Tim Russert questioned McCain on why he said he knows a lot more about national security than the economy. McCain said he didn't know where Russert got that quote. Maybe The Politico's Jonathan Martin does.

McCain, faced with his own past statements pooh-poohing his grasp of economic issues, said, "I don’t know where you got that quote from."Moderator Tim Russert probably got it from The Wall Street Journal."I'm going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues," McCain told the paper's Steve Moore in 2005. "I still need to be educated."

Ron Paul held his tongue as he clearly didn't get the face time like the others. The way he raises money, does he just keep sticking this out 'til others start bailing out? Then he would get some more face time.

Interesting when McCain used some of his time to praise Giuliani. Could this be a scenario...Rudy fails in Florida, drops out, then McCain tries to woo the Rudy supporters in New York for tsunami Tuesday on Feb 5th? Just a thought...

Is the bad economy good for Romney? After all, he is the uber-successful biz guy who made a gazillion dollars. McCain has made so much of the war part of his campaign. Hmmm...

Very little fire, overall, last night. Is it because this debate aired both on cable and on many NBC affiliates in Florida, the first time, perhaps, many Floridians saw the candidates? Or did the Repubs see the Dems go too far during their debate earlier in the week?


Anonymous said...

The Republican candidates are basically civil and try to stay on topic - that's what a President does. I have felt that Huckabee used us Iowans, especially through our Church leaders. That got him cheap caucus backing.
McCain makes too many miss-cues and accounting his age factor it makes me nervous.
Mr. Mayor doesn't seem to have it all together. Maybe the sun has bleached his brain since he's been down there so long. It has been a nice winter vacation though.
Romney should not apologize for his wealth and the fact that he is not using all taxpayer money (unlike some candidates). If he can help our economy like he has built up his own, I would support that and not condemn him for his success.
Even though the Democrat debates are much more fun, I am more interested in substance than tv ratings.

Dave Price said...

Which Republican do you like?

Anonymous said...

What connection does John McCain have to the nasty oil business? Was it his mother?

Anonymous said...

That is a loaded question; however I am now leaning toward Mitt Romney. At one time I thought he was "stuffy" but now I see he takes this campaign and the office of president very seriously as he has taken every other venture he embarked upon. Lately I have been seeing a more personal side of him - raising five boys would require that. At one time I would have backed Fred. I'm glad he backed out because he seemed to be tired - as does Rudy right now and I think we would see that in McCain before his four years were over. This job requires a lot of energy - I see that in Romney. I have much patriotic admiration for John McCain but I don't agree with much of his past record - he has beeen overly influenced by the other side of the isle and I could see that in his future as president. I believe that Mitt Romney has the ability to bring both sides together for the betterment of our country yet keep the conservative values we want in a president. His history of success shows that - I'm sure the Olympics was not an easy fix.