Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ed vs. Leonard

Republicans can't seem to find a candidate to take on Iowa's Third District Congressman Leonard Boswell. But Boswell's own party has. Ed Fallon has filed papers to run against him in the June primary. Fallon gave up his Iowa Statehouse seat in 2006 to run for Governor. I'm told he carried the Third District in that race, for what that's worth. Fallon had been helping out John Edwards' Iowa campaign.

The dollars are stacked up against him so far. The Federal Election Commission shows through the third reporting quarter (the four quarter hasn't come out yet), Boswell raised about $600,000.

Last year, word was that Jeff Lamberti, Bob Brownell and Mike Mahaffey all had interest in running for Republicans. But they've all seemed to back off. Makes you wonder what Republicans think of their party's chances in November.

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Anonymous said...

Is this for real?