Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire

It's 8:27 pm as I write this. I will save this big egg as is for now. If these numbers hold true, this egg will soon be on a lot of people's faces. Hillary Clinton is not getting trounced as so many people predicted. I mean we were even reading stories about pressure for her to quit the race if she gets clobbered. But she's not getting clobbered. She's not even losing. She's winning. Stay tuned.

What will happen with John Edwards? What does a third place finish do for him in his birth state of South Carolina? He won in 2004 there. But he isn't doing well in the polls right now. Should he even stay in the race or will he run in South Carolina and then quit? Will he stick it out and hope for, well, hope?

Bill Richardson is doing nothing in New Hampshire. He's doing even less than Edwards in South Carolina. Will he just keep trudging along and getting pounded? Will he hope Edwards drops out and he'll stay in as an alternative, especially as the race moves out West?

The Republicans...

John McCain kept his campaign alive with his win. But what was up with that victory speech? He stumbled numerous times. I heard the New Hampshire crowds could be tough. But McCain's own crowd kept interrupting him. And not just the normal "we love you" kind of interruptions. It really, at times, seemed to throw him out of his rhythm.

Mitt Romney said he'd keep going on. Surely, after all the money and time he has spent in New Hampshire (again, just like Iowa), he has to be disappointed (again, just like Iowa). But he still has money. A lot of it.

Mike Huckabee gave his own version of a victory speech. He didn't spend the time and money Romney did in New Hampshire. So he's claiming a win by finishing third. He's moving onto Michigan with the rest, but you'd assume he's more optimistic about his chances in South Carolina (Fred Thompson's already working the ground there).

Rudy Giuliani--as I write this, he's fighting off Ron Paul for fourth. How will his campaign spin this one? He did spend something like 40 days in New Hampshire. With all those Independents there, can he really spin that he did just fine? Florida sure does look important, don't ya' think?


Kritter said...

It's about time for a new poll on iowavotes2008 don't you think?

Now, about tonight...

Watching the Clinton & Obama drama play on for the next month is going to be great. I hope they bash each other until they collapse.

Edwards needs to drop the stories of sick/injured victims and move back to NC & continue to chase medical vehicles.

McCain's speech (written by some rookie speech writer) was terrible. The words weren't bad, the speaker stunk.

Romney is a rich East Coast elitist who will get the message soon and give it up down 25 million plus.

Rudy's plan is weak PERIOD. Go on and campaining on last years numbers and will get shown the door back to NYC in Florida.

The clear winner here is Gov. Huckabee IMO. The Nation is starting to shift and the attention to Gov. Huckabee is taking hold. It's only a matter of time.
Iowa Roosters For Huckabee!

Dave Price said...

You're right. It is about right for a new poll. We'll have to get working on it.