Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire, the Night Goes On

John Edwards just gave his speech. He's promised to keep going all the way until the Democratic National Convention. That can't make Barack Obama happy, can it? At least here in Iowa, they were the two original "change" candidates of the big three. When does Edwards think things will change for him? Polls numbers, from what I've seen, would have to change remarkably in South Carolina for him to get a victory.

Meantime, this Clinton/Obama battle keeps going on. The numbers don't seem to be changing much. Will Clinton be the "Comeback Kid", part II? If that happens, how could the polls that pointed to a big Obama win be so wrong?

John McCain is hoping his turnaround helps the bank account. Check out the release he has already sent out to supporters. Count the times he asks for cash...

9:02 p.m. - Nashua, New Hampshire
My Friends -
It's happened again! With your incredible support John McCain has won the New Hampshire primary!
And as we know, it's not over yet - the toughest times are ahead of us.
Enjoy the victory with us tonight, but we need you to do two things before you head to bed this evening.
Make a Donation. We have a lot of campaigning to do in Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida, and beyond.
After you've made your donation, please
send this letter to three of your friends or family and ask them to get on board too.
We've been in this together since the beginning and we can't move forward without your help.
Many thanks, Rick Davis Campaign Manager
Donate tonight before you go to bed and then send this letter to three of your friends and family to tell them why you are supporting the next President of the United States, John McCain!

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