Thursday, January 03, 2008

Don't Go There

The numbers are almost even as I write this for the dems at 8:05pm...a three-way tie at the top. I tried to go from our room to the cocktail room to get a sense of the feel of the Clinton supporters. Two people stopped me, one apparently a secret service agent. Apparently we media types can't mingle with the select guests here. Disappointing. Very tightly controlled, even on the final night.


Confused by the numbers said...

Since there isn't a "Caucus Blog" I thought I'd ask my question here. There's probably some simple answer to this, but I really have no clue.
When the results were coming in last night, I was thinking that there weren't many Democrats that were out caucusing because of the low numbers. The totals were like 940 for Obama, 744 for Edwards, 737 for Clinton, and 53 for Richardson. The Republicans' numbers, on the other hand, were 39,814 for Huckabee, 29,405 for Romney, 15,521 for Thompson, and 15,248 for McCain. I then read that there were record turnouts for Democrats (nearly 239,000) and Republicans (nearly 115,000).
The numbers aren't making sense to me. I think the Republicans are adding up to the total, but what about the Democrats? Is there something I'm missing?
Anyone understand this?
It's my first time I've even been interested in this kind of a thing, so I'm sure there's something I just don't know about all of it.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. The Morning Buzz got me up to speed with that last question.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about no access at Hillary.

Things weren't exactly hoppin' over at Hy-Vee Hall with Obama either.

Big crowd, lots of enthusiasm,

But as far as media goes there was a distinct lack of riser space (several arguments b/w networks affiliates, stills), no wireless internet provided, no food/water except concessions which opened ever so promptly at 8 pm after everyone had scrambled up snacks from QT or the like, and of course...

... no Scarlett.


See you out on the trail,
The biggest audio guy you know.