Monday, January 07, 2008

Attention, "Duncaneers"?

This is Sam Hunter, 2012 Olympic gymnastic hopeful. Duncan Hunter is a 2008 Presidential hopeful. Duncan's son's name is Sam. This Sam is not Duncan's son.

Duncan Hunter, remember him? He made just a few trips through Iowa, at least only a few I ever heard about. I remember him walking around the Iowa State Fair on a 90-plus degree day wearing a suit. So did his son, Sam. They both, I believe wore the same suits they wore the day before when I saw them at a gun range in Waukee to show he was pro-guns. He forgot to bring a gun to the event. Luckily, a campaign friend brought one to him.

Anyway, I just received this email from his campaign. First, it lays out Hunter's strategy to win...the Presidency. And for 25 bucks, you can give him a ride to the White House. Fill 'er up.

Duncan Hunter Wins 3rd in Wyoming;
Endorsed by Nevada Republican Assembly!

Fellow Duncaneers, we told you of the Hunter campaign's "below the radar" strategy of targeting Wyoming, Nevada, and Michigan.

Now see the results!

Duncan Hunter just came in a close third place behind Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney in the second national primary in Wyoming!

He beat Huckabee . . .
He beat Giuliani . . .
He beat McCain . . .
He beat Paul . . .

With only two primaries finished, there's plenty of time left to pick up steam!

This is huge!

Fellow Patriots, do you know what this means?

Huckabee won in Iowa . . .
Romney won in Wyoming . . .
and McCain is poised to win in New Hampshire . . .

This election is WIDE OPEN!

With New Hampshire, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida left, anything can happen.

That's why Duncan needs your help now!
Help us win Nevada with a contribution now!

Folks, there have been doubters, but let us put all doubt asunder. If we win or place well in one more early primary . . .

. . . the White House is within our grasp.

Just yesterday the Nevada Republican Assembly, the largest concentration of Reagan Republicans in Nevada, endorsed Duncan Hunter with over two-thirds of the vote!

That means that the folks most actively watching the race and participating in Republican politics will show up at the Nevada caucus to vote for Hunter!

That's why we need your help ASAP!

We absolutely MUST capitalize on this momentum NOW!

Imagine this likely primary scenario:

Iowa Huckabee
Wyoming Romney
New Hampshire McCain
Michigan Huckabee or Romney
South Carolina Thompson or Hunter
Nevada Hunter
Florida Giuliani

Come Super Tuesday on February 5th, the race for the White House is still a toss up!

What's more, reports have indicated that one or more of the candidates will have likely dropped before then.

Remember, Hunter tied for first place in the first and biggest straw poll in South Carolina, won the straw poll in the largest county in Arizona (in McCain's own backyard), and won the entire Texas State Republican Straw Poll.

Been wondering what Hunter has been doing? Here's your answer!

But, with so much at stake,
he can't do it alone.

This MUST be a team effort!

To win Nevada, we'll have to continue organizing key events and running critical radio spots.

But, as you know, this election is already the most expensive in history!

So, if you're truly committed to helping the best man get to the White House . . .

. . . Then now's the time to make it count!

Here's what your contribution will do for Hunter:

$25 will pay for the gas to drive him to an event
$50 will buy a full tank of gas for a day's drive
$75 will buy 5 seconds of a critical radio ad
$150 will buy 10 seconds of a critical radio ad
$250 will buy a full radio ad
$500 will buy two ads
$1,000 will pay for 4 ads, a week's worth of gas, or two plane tickets!

We're running a lean machine to the White House, so every SINGLE dollar counts!

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