Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada and South Carolina

It's too cold to do much of anything, so I'm glued to the tv while I work on a little experiment in the crock pot.

Hillary Clinton won Nevada. So much for all the complaints by the Clinton supporters about letting the casino workers caucus in the casino. Doesn't look like it mattered much. But how much does Barack Obama want to win South Carolina now? He might want to figure out some kind of answer for that Ronald Reagan comment before then. Will that be a must win state for him now?

Speaking of South Carolina, will that be the end of John Edwards? Will he really keep going on if he loses badly there, since, after all, he was born there?

Anybody see that speech by Fred Thompson long before the numbers came in? Some of the pundits wondered if he would drop out. But he didn't. Yet. He also didn't say he was going on.

Mitt Romney put his money in Nevada and chose the higher delegate count there than in South Carolina. Looks like that worked. How big is Florida now? What happens if Rudy Giuliani doesn't win? His strategy seems to bet it all there (well, after he went all out in New Hampshire and got creamed. I guess that was a different strategy)?

Surely, Mike Huckabee wanted (and needed?) to do better than second in South Carolina. Is he done now? Or will he wait until he loses in Florida?

This thing sure has been tough to predict, eh? I love watching the national folks squirm in their seats after their predictions don't turn out.

Something smells good here. My crock pot has done its job. Dinner's on.

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