Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sarah Palin--Smart or Dumb Decision?

(Photo courtesy: Getty Images North America)

What was Sarah Palin thinking? She either just blew up her political career...

or she just became first out of the blocks on the race for 2012.

What do you think? Was it a dumb move to quit her job barely more than half way through her first term? Or was it genius, so she can make gazillions of dollars giving speeches and writing books to pay off her legal debts, while traveling the country to begin her campaign for president in 2012?


circawdm said...

Frankly at this point, I couldn't care less what she does. She probably is doing the state of Alaska a favor, disrupting the Republican party abit, and will make herself alot from speaking engagements and maybe a book.

I think this cost her what little credibility she had left. Smart legal move perhaps also (YAWN).

Anonymous said...

I think she is very intelligent. Unlike all the childish media she is putting her job first. She is not able to do her job because of the narrow-minded, Obama Propoganda media always looking for dirt and critizing her. She is always having to defend herself and is not able to concentrate on her job.

I look forward to the 2012 election and I hope she kicks all her detractors in the butt.

Shane Vander Hart said...

Well I think it was a smart decision as far as her principles are concerned.

1. Like the previous commenter mentioned - the frivolous ethics violations were wasting time and money, both hers and the states.
2. This will help her agenda to go forward under the Lt. Gov. who supports it.
3. It also positions him as an incumbent for a 2010 run.
4. It is likely that he'll be able to be more productive in pushing the pipeline and other priorities forward (though I hear some of Palin's enemies are already planning on going after him).

Is it conventional for a 2012 run? No, but if you've followed her, read local papers & blogs - any time she went to the lower 48 her enemies (and some in her own party) complained and they laid on an ethics violation.

She wouldn't be able to run for re-election and fundraise/campaign for other candidates. If she tried to do it as Governor she'd been crucified by her local enemies.

She also wouldn't want to do that on the state dime anyway.

I'm not sure she's looking at 2012 though - she's young, it could be later. I definitely feel she'll be a national voice and leader within the GOP.

So good for her state, and maybe not so good for her in the short-term, but I think she's putting state & family needs first in this instance.

But then again, I didn't see this coming, so what do I know?

Dave Price said...

Seems like people either really like Palin or really dislike her. Why is that?