Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rants Leaves Fund $200,000 in debt

Chris (formerly Christopher) Rants has been an outspoken critic of Governor Chet (formerly Chester) Culver's spending of taxpayer dollars. The Des Moines Register's Jason Clayworth has a piece in the Sunday paper calling Rants' money management into question. Rants was the house Republicans' former majority leader and speaker and helped oversee the House Majority Fund. That fund sent money to efforts to elect Iowa Republicans into the house. But Clayworth's reporting shows when Rants' peers booted him out of leadership, he left the fund $200,000 in the red.

Rants didn't comment for the story, other than a statement issued through a staff member. Will other Republican candidates for governor use this story as a strike against Rants during the campaign? Or is this too "inside baseball-type stuff" for most Iowa voters?


Anonymous said...

Insider baseball? Maybe. EXCEPT that Rants has made fiscal responsibility his top campaign issue.
Am I rethinking C.R.? You bet.

I'm looking for a Republican who is Jesus Junkie lite and fiscal conservatism strong. Not someone who spews hate against same-sex marriages and brings my party into debt.
Where's my moderate dark horse???

Dr. Chung said...

thanks for contributing mr fong. or did failure right this for you?

Anonymous said...

i call bs on the story. where is the proof?