Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ag Secretary Wants You to Eat Cheese

Who said government workers don't work weekends? Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey decided to taut the power of cheese at about 2:45 Sunday afternoon. Here's the message he sent out on Twitter, encouraging you to add more cheese to your diet. And help the farmers. I added a few comments from people who want to add more than just the cheese, please.

Bill Northey 25% of US cheese used on pizza. 1 xtra oz of cheese ea pizza would use 2.5b lbs/yr. Help dairy farmers - add some cheese to your pizza.
Kim Kreps Larson at 2:54pm July 5
How about adding some extra sausage, bacon, ham, etc. to that pizza too and helping out the pork producers??
Ryan W. Frederick at 2:55pm July 5
...anad some beef while you're at it.

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